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    Default Just booked my first trip to CSS


    I have just booked a 14 day stay at CSS for Jan 26th 13. I have a few questions.

    We have booked the basic room as to upgrade to the next room class through our Tour Operator was an extra 450 or $720. Does anyone know if we would be able to upgrade once we get to the resort and if the rate increase would be more reasonable than this?

    I've also noticed that Couples are currently giving resort credit to early bookers.
    Does anyone know if we will get this credit or is it just if you book direct?

    We are really looking forward to our stay as we love Jamaica and are really excited by all the positive things we here about Couples.



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    Welcome to the Couples Family!!!:-) CSS is amazing---you have made an EXCELLENT choice!

    As for your question about room upgrades, if they are available when you check-in they will glady accommodate you--but I think you will have to pay the price differential. You should get your early booking credits no matter who you booked your trip with. If you check out Ranymon's email at the top of this page it will send you to a link with all the details.

    One Love,

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    Hi Anthony I suggest you contact Kenwood, they are the Couples agents here in the UK. They will be able to answer your questions - however, the one about the upgrade just depands on the economic situation at the time. Did you book through Kenwood? - We usually find they are the best value - unless you are flying with Thomson, then they offer good deals.

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    Yes, you can upgrade. If you have credit resorts you can use them for the upgrade. and you should get the credit if your TO did their job!

    Once you go, you know!
    Have a wonderful time there(even though I am going before you1

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    Thanks for your replies. we have booked through Thomson as their package deal was a lot cheaper than anything else we could find.


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