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    Default Question for staff at CSA., anybody

    OK, Well we are coming back, but NOT TO CSA =( UGH we are bringing the kids hahaha, UGH so we are at a family resort nearby, buttttt someone on the facebook couples thread told me CSA let them come over f9r dinner ( without kids of course) We are repeaters and got married at CSA last year. Anyway we can work something out to come over for a night? MISS CSA Jane

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    Yeah.... I don't think that is going to happen. I would be very surprised, and even a little disappointed, if they let folks from neighboring resorts "drop in" for dinner. Sorry you will be missing CSA this year. Maybe next year you can leave the kids behind for a week and join us at CSA. I'll even buy you dinner!

    Hope you have a great vacation with the kids this year!

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    Half day passes are 75 dollars and full day are 150 I believe.

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    I'd doubt that. Sorry, but about the only bit of ambiance you're likely to get from SweptAway is by walking by... For your sake, I hpe I'm wrong, but in all our visits, this would be unprecedented; well almost.

    There was one occasion, however, that I can relate. We had lunch once with Ulti at The Palms; he had invited an old friend to visit with him from his days at Hedo, and the gentleman did, indeed join us.

    Good luck with that....

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