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    Default Under garments for wedding...

    Okay ladies, I'm going crazy. I hate, hate, hate strapless bras. They don't seem to give me the lift that I need, so I usually do everything in my power to have straps to make the girls perky, if you know what I mean.

    My wedding dress is strapless. Please share with me where and what kind of bra you found for your day. Like I said, the usual strapless, give-the-girls-a-shelf-to-lie-on just doesn't cut it and I'm looking for something different. Anyone found a miracle? I'm also wondering about having something put inside the dress instead too. I'm not too large on top, C cup, but I love me my VS Bombshell bras!

    Thanks for any and all help and suggestions!

    Getting Married at CSA 12/14/12
    Melissa & Chris
    Married at CSA on 12/14/12 (12/110/12-12/20/12)
    Booked for CN 12/13/13-12/21/13

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    My dress is strapless as well, and I too HATE strapless bras...When I purchased my dress at David's Bridal, they gave me a bra that is almost like girdle in a sense. The top is strapless, but it fits you down to your waist. For some reason I can't post the picture here, but I've pasted the link below. It's the Smooth Seamless Long Line Bra (Style 7643WHITE). I'll be purchassing one to wear on my wedding day.

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    Does your dress provide enough lift to keep you in place? If it does, I would recommend just getting the sick-on petals to cover your nipples in case of accidental show-through. I never take a bra to Jamaica, I wear those petals under my dress each night. I will be wearing them at my wedding in July! I get them at target. They also have the sticky kind that is supposed to work more like a bra... Maybe worth a try?!

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    Default Under garments

    I feel your pain! Sadly I am worse..only an A cup..I love the bombshell bra as well! I couldn't wear any type of bra under my dress because the back is so low. I ended up having my alterations lady sew in push up padding, and I bought an invisible push up bra from VS (see link below). It gives you the best lift I could find..they are a bit tricky to get on correctly, but they def work. I will be wearing week when we get married!! woo!!!

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    I HATE strapless. My dress is tank style (thank God). However, I've needed strapless bras for dresses in the back and I've found I get the best lift (and I need it) in a corset.

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    Thanks for all the suggestions ladies. I'm afraid going with nothing would not be an option. My fiance loves a little cleavage and I refuse to disappoint on our wedding day!! I may look into the padding in the dress in addition to some of the invisible VS bra things. The longer bra seems like it would be really warm. Good luck with all your upcoming weddings!
    Melissa & Chris
    Married at CSA on 12/14/12 (12/110/12-12/20/12)
    Booked for CN 12/13/13-12/21/13

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    I got married in January and I wore the type of bra Syreeta was talking about from Davids Bridal. It wasn't too warm for me and was actually pretty comfortable. I was worried that a strapless would keep feeling like it was falling down, like some do bu I think with it going to the waist it did not feel like it was falling down at all, and it helped keep the extra pounds in that I could not lose. Congrats and good luck

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    My dress is strapless too & I'm having "big girl" pads sown into my dress as well...the strapless bra just didn't do it for my little B cups. : ( With the big girl padding, I will have some cleavage & I'll look like a C cup! Yaaaay! : )

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