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    Default First Dance?

    I need opinions on my current "dilemma"..

    We are getting married at 4:00 on Saturday 5/26; immediately after our pictures we are going to have the cake/champagne toast. We are not having a formal reception so I think the only chance we'd get to have our first dance is at the cake/champagne toast. So my question is, would it be weird to have our first dance during our cake/champagne toast?

    Any ideas or tips are greatly appreciated!

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    I wouldn't be weird at all, this is what we did. We got married 4-17-10 at 5pm. We actually weren't planning on dancing but the band started playing and they talked us into it We felt a little silly because we don't know how to dance so we talked some of the staff into dancing with us and it was fun! If I remember correctly they played some Bob Marley or something but I bet if you had a request or could bring the music you wanted to dance to they are very accommodating.

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    not weird at all. I got married at 10 am, after the cake and champagne we also had some horsdouvers then we had our first dance on the beach!

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