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    Default Is this ok for breakfast and lunch

    I'm not one to wear cover ups, so I was wondering if some board shorts and a shirt would be ok for lunch and breakfast. Or just board shorts with a bikini top that had been dried off.

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    Which resort are you going to? At CN we just have on our wet bathing suits at the beach grill but get dry & wear a cover-up or shorts to the buffet.
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    Hi, I think that an uncovered bikini top would be too casual for breakfast/lunch based on what I've seen others wearing. A top & shorts over a bikini would be just fine.

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    Sure. It's Jamaica, mon, it's no problem.

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    Each resort offers an explaination of their restaurant dress code on the site. Click on your resort on top of the Couples page then restaurants & bars on the left. You will find that sit down inside restaurants for breakfast and lunch require cover ups and footwear. Only beach grills allow guests to sit and eat in their bathing suits and bare feet. Those of you who think "It's Jamaica, wear what you want" are ignoring the rules of the resort and being disrespectful to other guests and staff who abide by them. Don't be that rude person who thinks the rules are only for others. It is after all a resort and not a hut on a beach.

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    We're going to CSS. Ok so maybe a bikini top and shorts is a no go then I guess. So I'll just bring a few shorts and tops I guess. I was just wondering because I didn't know if shorts and a bikini top would be ok as resort casual. Thanks everyone.

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    Which resort? At CN, CSA and CTI (and other resorts in Jamaica we've visited) my experience has been that breakfast and lunch are very casual - I just wear my bikini top (dried off) with a knee length or longer sarong covering my bikini bottoms, and I always see others in similar attire (i.e. bikini top with bottoms covered by a sarong, shorts or skirt). At CSS they preferred a little less casual than other resorts I've visited - they wanted something covering up the bathing suit top as well. No problem, when I'm at CSS I just make sure I have a tank top in my beach bag to throw on over my bikini top.

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    I have seen, shorts ,
    wraps and skirts worn with bikini tops to breakfast and lunch at CN.

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    at CN the board shorts & bikini top would be fine for the beach grill in the daytime, but to eat at Cavassa's lunch buffet you would need to put something else over your top (no bare stomachs or upper thighs).

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    You will always find people who don't bother checking or choose to ignore the restaurant dress code and though Couples tries not to make a big deal of it you should try to be respectful of these minimum requests.

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    At CSS I was told to have breakfast at Palezino (not how its spelled) I had to have my top covered and this was to eat outside. Luckily I was wearing a skirt with an elastic waist so I just pulled it up - otherwise it would have been a long walk back to my room in F Block.


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    For safety reasons, I had to cover my stomach at CTI. They told me they didn't want me to get burnt on the grill and steam tables. I have some easy slip on sundresses that I throw on over my suit.

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    From the Couples CSS web site:

    Dress: Resort Casual (beach cover up, footwear required)

    Casual dining on the beach
    Dress: Swimwear acceptable for lunch, Resort Casual (beach cover up, footwear required) for dinner

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    If you go to CTI(on Tower Isle) or CSS(at Sunset Beach) you can have lunch au naturel! No clothing worries at all. At CTI they bring lunch out to the island every day. It's usually chicken and fish with veggies and rolls and cookies. There's something about eating as nature intended that's very Walden-esque.

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    Well no, I have lots of sundresses for dinner. But I don't own a coverup and didn't really want to go spending money on one. I think I'll just bring a few of my tube tops, tank tops, and shorts and call it a day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aero87 View Post
    Well no, I have lots of sundresses for dinner. But I don't own a coverup and didn't really want to go spending money on one. I think I'll just bring a few of my tube tops, tank tops, and shorts and call it a day.
    That is fine, that is all you will need.

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    I have seen them enforce the bikini top at CTI at lunch (they were politely asked to put a cover-up on), I got scolded for not wearing shoes/sandals at some point, and even though our luggage was lost for 3+ days, they wouldn't let us eat in 8 Rivers because our "fancy" stuff was in our checked luggage.

    That's something to remember if you are keen on eating at the fancy places...make sure you have a pair of pants and closed-toe shoes/sandals in your carry-on. It wouldn't be a big deal to me because the food's great everywhere but some people want to make sure they eat at the fancy places at each resort.

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    Don't know if you have Sam's Club where you live, but they have very cute swim cover-ups for only $10.

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    Bring the tops for Pallazina, but if you want to eat at the beach grill for lunch you'll find you likely won't need them. There are tables right on the edge of the beach and we saw lots of women not bothering with a cover-up or top over their bathing suit.

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    Don't spend any money at all. Throw a couple of nice "T" shirts in your bag and you are all set. We have been to CSS 3 times and we have seen people there in just bikini tops there but very few.
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