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    We will be staying at CSA. Where do we buy the tickets for the new airport lounge? Can I buy while at CSA or just at the airport?

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    We got them at CN a couple of days before we returned home.We got them at the concierge desk.
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    You can buy them at the resort and charge them to your room before you check out. If you wait until the airport, I've read that sometimes they sell out.......

    Have a great trip!

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    You can get them at the resort.

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    I am also wondering what is the difference between the Mobay lounge and the regular couples lounge.

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    I am also wondering what the difference is between the Mobay lounge and the regular couples lounge.

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    I know you can get them online from several retailers, just google it. But I was thinking of waiting till I got to CSA too and was also wondering if there was somewhere at the resort I could get them.

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    You can get them at the resort or the airport.

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    The Couples lounge is for arrivals and the Montego Bay lounge is for departures. It's 30 dollars I believe and you get snacks and beverages, alcoholic and non alcoholic. There is free wifi and much more comfortable seating to wait for your plane.I have read mixed reviews if it's worth the money.

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    Thanks for your help softail. I was confused about that. Hopefully someone has used The Mobay lounge and can tell us if it is worth it.

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    Just curious if everyone thought the Mobay Lounge was worth it? Are the drinks unlimited? I hear they have red stripe which is awesome! Is the food good? I assume its finger food. We got a good deal on our trip and we are already getting spoiled by staying at Couples. Thought it might be a nice way to end a great trip, if you all think it's worth it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bettie View Post
    I am also wondering what the difference is between the Mobay lounge and the regular couples lounge.
    The Couples lounge is for arrivals only and your red stripe, pepsi or water is included. You don't usually spend much time there, just checking in to get your shuttle.

    The Montego Bay Lounge is for departures and is NOT a part of Couples, however, you can get your tickets at the resort. It is not adults only, but does have free wifi, some drinks, and snacks. There is a big screen TV. We went in last year, but probably won't this year. We didn't save any $$ going there rather than Cool Runnings to eat and like I said, there were kids there.

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    Thanks all. I will post after I return on 4/2 and let you know if it is worth the $$. Looking forward to the experience. i have no problem with a cocktail before flying...hubby like to eat...will let you know both sides. Glad to know I can purchase at CSA

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    We have just got home from Jamaica.
    We booked the Mobay Lounge on check out at the Hotel. ( CN ).
    the cost was 30 dollars per person.

    However, we noticed that some people paid 35 dollars if they booked it at the airport.
    Hope this helps too

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    We went to Club MoBay (the departures lounge) in early March. We pre-purchased our tickets at CSS and when we arrived at MBJ, I was slightly disappointed that there was NO LINE for customs that we would have completely bypassed. We still walked down the left side to customs and security, skipping the turnstyles. Once through the customs hall, we walked to the gates and stopped at Duty Free, then on to the Club MoBay lounge, which was close to our departing gate and Margaritaville.
    At Club MoBay, we walked into the lounge area and there was a nice finger sandwich display with cookies and chips. Not bad, but if you wanted something more substantial food-wise, that was an extra cost. The beverages WERE all included and we each had a couple before heading out to the gate. The restrooms were well cared for and the overall environment was quite enjoyable. There were nice "about Jamaica" art/info pieces on the walls. We didn't utilize the spa services. Honestly, it was nice, but we probably didn't need it, but only because there was no line at Customs. We have waited in the customs line for over 45 minutes in the past, and to avoid that, I would pay the $30 again. I can see that in situations where there was a line, they would sell out, so it's a gamble. Very similar to most US based airline clubs. New facility, nice seating, pleasant staff.

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    Used the Mobay lounge when I returned from CN on 13 Mar. Tuesday is the slowest day at the airport so the immigration and customs lines were not very busy, but it was sure nice to walk through without having to wait. The line that they use is the Aircrew line, so it moves pretty fast.

    I would definitely use it again.

    As far as the lounge is concerned, the sandwiches are nice and basic, all drinks are free. They use chilled glasses for Red Stripe.

    My one comment would be is that is gets quite loud when it is full, and that there are too many kids!

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    We purchased thru CSA ahead of time, on the web. We returned via MBJ on Sunday, March 4, and the lines were very long. It was well worth the $60 for the two of us just to avoid the lines. We put the extra time to good use by not having to rush to buy our rum, Jamaican condiments, and Blue Mountain coffee. The environment of the lounge itself is much more pleasant than waiting at a gate, and the food and drink offerings met our needs. We will definitely do it again.

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    Hi. It does sound nice to avoid long lines at the airport and have a couple of Red Stripes before leaving for home. Can anyone tell me if the Red Stripe in the lounge is in bottles or on tap? Also, do they serve wine as well? Thanks for your help! Couples Negril will be here soon!!!!!!

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    The Red Stripe is on tap. They have both Red Stripe and Red Stripe light. It is a full bar - wine included

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