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    Default CSA: I wish I would have known sooner...

    I know every vacation I go on, there is always something I learn about/discover at the end of the trip that I love and wish I would have known about sooner. CSA was no different.

    AT CSA.. it was the Martini Bar. I knew it was there because I had done tons of research before hand, but I just didn't know how great it would be. We finally toward the last day of our trip went to the Martini Bar and realized what we'd been missing. The staff/bartenders were great. They made us laugh a lot, and we had great conversation - Not to mention the Chocolate Martini, with all that whipped cream and chocolate drizzle, was AMAZING!! I just thought this was a really great place to be in the evening! I wish we would have gone earlier in our trip! But we will for sure next time!

    I didn't discover it at the end of our trip - thank goodness, but THE PALMS BREAKFAST!! I had been drooling over the idea of the banana stuffed french toast for weeks and weeks before we went. I never gave a second thought to the Palms breakfast buffet. Our first morning - we went to Patios for the french toast. It was fantastic. I was so happy to have finally had it. But the next morning we decided to go to the buffet at the Palms for breakfast. It was amazing - we spent the next 7 mornings eating breakfast at the Palms with a beautiful beach view! The omelet station was awesome! I had a lot of fun customizing omelets every morning, always trying something different! I am glad we tried this at the beginning of our trip - it's one of the things we are really looking forward to for our next trip this June.

    What awesome thing do you wish you would have known about sooner?

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    The martini bar is a regular stop for us before dinner, after dinner or both. It is our favorite bar at CSA. Next time ask for the "goat balls" martini and the story that goes with the name of the drink.

    Breakfast at Palms is my favorite meal of the day. Besides the wonderful buffet the view from the pool side tables is spectacular in the morning. The beach is especially beautiful in the morning sun.

    We plan to look more closely at the sports complex side of the resort this year, in June. We always use the gym, spa and pool but there is a lot more over there that we need to explore.

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    I agree, the Palms ROCKS

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    Where is the martini bar ?

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    The Martini Bar is awesome. The atmosphere, bartenders and wonderful drinks make it a real gem.

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    Patois is always nice for breakfast but we almost always have the buffet - so many choices and tastes. We love the callaloo!

    Let's see - what do I wish I had known about sooner? Thinking about our first trip in '09, I made sure to spend some additional time in the spa and sports complex in '10. It's not the beach but it's so relaxing over there. The ladies I had for my spa visits really know their stuff! Plus they have yummy infused water.

    Thanks for the heads up on the Martini Bar! It's one thing we've never done but the chocolate martini sounds awesome.

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    Did you try the fruit smoothies at the Palms? Or, the Champaign and orange juice? We didn’t know about the smoothies until after our daughter was there and told us about it. She also said to try the french fries smothered in cheese sauce at the grill. Marlin dip and sweet potato chips at Patois…yum. Just a few more weeks and we will be enjoying all of these.

    Soon come!
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    The freshly made sangria with lunch at the Patois Patio.

    Mike and Monica
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    Martini bar is upstairs from the Palms restaurant

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    I really wanted a good Pina Colada and couldn't stand the ones they made with the pre-mix slushie stuff at most of the bars. I found out if you went into the Palms they would make an authentic Pina Colada that was delicious and not made with the mix. Didn't find this out until almost the end of the trip.

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    The martini bar is above the palms!! Right at the top of the stairs! Can't wait to try more!

    I really also enjoyed the focaccia sandwich at Seagrapes.. It was delicious!!! I'd grab one while my hubby loaded up at the ice cream machine!!!

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    AHHHH, forgot about the Sangria @ Patois this past December!!! Thanks for reminding me for my May trip

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    i agree-we didn't find the martini bar until the last night. Finally had mojitos! That and the complex we want to explore more next time. I also agree about the banana french toast. tried it and didn't get the hype. however, smoothies at the veggie bar were great, especially when you walk them over the the sunset bar and have them put some rum in it! can't wait to get back one day!

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    Did you know there's an air conditioned game room / library between the Martini Bar and Lemongrass??? I believe there's still a pool table in there, but they may have changed it a bit.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeMonica View Post
    The freshly made sangria with lunch at the Patois Patio.
    Amen to that one!! We discovered it on our LAST day a few trips ago, and have been partaking ever since. I just wish they served it LONGER!
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    Judy, Are pulling our leg again?? I thought you had your OWN stool at the Martini Bar? LOL! Have you booked yet?? Who ever gets there first, save a seat for each other. I fell in LOVE the Lychee Martini's. Wonder if you can buy them in the states! See you in Jan 2012. Cindy

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