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    Hello Linda and Todd: Four short weeks to go for both of us. Quick question for you guys. We are already to book for next year like you. We might want to take advantage of price break and book Penthouse. Do you guys have this room booked this year like past and if so can we take a look at your room to see if we would like it better than Beachfront. We have our dates all set and just have to e-mail our travel agent from CSS when we get there with room choice. Thanks and see ya soon. Dave and Linda

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    Dave and Linda, actually 27 days,8 hours,50 minutes as I type till we fly but who is counting.Yes we are booked for penthouse suite and yes if we end up in one you can check it out no problem.Todd and Linda

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    Thanks so much: They changed our flight so we won't get to resort till around 5 or so. See you around the main bar soon after. Dave and Linda

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    If you don't like the look of BigdogLip's penthouse you can check ours out. See you soon.
    12 days, 11 hours, 7 min. 05 sceonds.
    Phinns Up

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    Thanks for the offer Bruce and Brenda : We will try and find you guys at the Managers cocktail party when we arrive on the 12th. We can all now say since today is Sunday that we will be in Jamaica NEXT WEEK !! See ya soon. Dave and Linda

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