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    Default CSA vs. CN Please Help!

    We are planning our honeymoon and are torn between CSA and CN. Can anyone provide insight as to which one is better? Do they have premium liquor and fun things to do on property? They both look awesome and are similar in price, so we cannot decide. Anything would help! Thanks so much!

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    At all Couples resorts you will find great food and drink with lots of included activities to do if you can over come the sand gravity. And will be amazed by how friendly the staff is. The question on how to pick comes up offten but there is no right or wrong answer as each resort has its own personality. For us it is CSA that spoke to us. One look at the Atruim suite and a spread out property on a beach you can walk for miles on and we knew. But if you want a smaller resort with a great swim up bar and would like to try an al natrual beach CN is for you. Look at all the photos, pick the one you keep coming back to. Either way your going to love it.

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    Just went through the same thing as you... We ultimately went with CSA (For the atrium suites, the larger property, and the aura lounge), but we're going to do trading spaces deal and see CN too. Congrats!

    I believe they all have premium liquors, and they have a ton of activities.

    Search the forums and you'll find a few other posts on this subject.

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    You will love either one. They both have awesome beaches, great food and amazing vibes. Once you go you will definitely want to return so pick one this time and choose the other next time!

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    We love CN!! The smaller property seems more intimate to us. CSA has a betted sports area, if that's something you'd take advantage of.
    You can't go wrong at either.

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    I picked CSA because there was no nude beach and because it had the most dinning options. I liked the size of CN and the look of it and the rooms but I kept getting "called back" to CSA. The ability to stroll down the beach off property and see some of the local shops and bars was a selling feature of CSA too.

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    If I had a nickel for everytime this question was asked I could afford two trips to Couples every

    The truth is choose the one that calls to you. You get wonderful service at both, the food will be outstanding at both.

    CSA is larger, not by much, but more spread out. They have a disco and a little more options for eating. And because it sits on Long Bay, you have about 5 miles of beach that you can wander.

    CN is smaller and more intimate (our favorite), there is the piano bar that turns into the disco some nights. Bloody Bay is only about 2 miles long, but so much quieter and calmer.

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    We spent out honeymoon at CN a year and a half ago and went through the same struggle you are in now...choosing which property. We fell in love with CN and had such a great time, met a lot of good people (some we stay in contact by phone, text, and email still) and the staff are tremendous. For our first anniversary, we returned back to CN but with 4 friends. We completely believe in the "Couples Experience"!!! Everyone had such a great time on our trip this last Sept we are planning another group trip back to CN, but with even more friends and family.

    Basically, not matter which Couples Resort you choose, you will have a wonderful and relaxing trip.

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    I know everyone says 'see which one calls to you' but we actually wanted to go to CN and couldn't get availability from our travel agent. So we ended up going to CSA instead. We are so glad we did as we fell in love with the place and are looking to return in May 2013 for our honeymoon.

    We did the trading places for a visit to CN and while it was very nice, it just wasn't CSA. That's not to say that if we went to CN first, we wouldn't be feeling the same way about CN lol. But we actually left CN early as we were missing CSA so much.

    The reasons we love CSA are:

    The long beach - ability to walk for hours along the beach
    The sand at CSA was so soft and it was the same at CN up until we got to the left of the property and I couldn't walk in it barefooted (might just have been an ecological thing at the time)
    The spread out property, we actually loved how big the property was and the walks between restaurants etc.
    The general feel of the property - I felt CSA seemed more rustic and CN was more hotel like.
    Our Atrium room - we fell in love with this room as soon as we saw it
    We preferred the drinks at CSA

    The staff were lovely in both resorts.
    The food was excellent in both

    If I was given a free holiday to either resort I would be absolutely over the moon as they are both beautiful, but I would always pay to return to CSA as it was amazing and special place for us (I proposed to my bf on the trip)

    So I would say in general go to the one that calls to you, but if you do, be sure to check out the other resort as you might never find out what you are missing ;-)

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    CSA is wonderful while CN is just out of this world AWESOME.

    Being at CN is like being on your very own South Pacific island.

    CN is truly a Jamaica resort located on "the" beach of Negril.

    Palm and seagrape trees abound.

    Jamaica's deepest and calmest beach.

    Jamaica's very best swim up bar where strangers meet and become life long hugging friends.

    CN..Couples Negril..Oh,how I do love typing these words.

    GO.RELAX.ENJOY CN and have a Salty Dog for me...Ruff Ruff

    Hugs from 10 0 c

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    First are you a beach or pool person? Better pool at CN and Better beach at CSA. More to see on beach strolls at CSA on the Seven Mile Beach. Buildings are different at each. CN buildings are set up more like a hotel while at CSA most buildings as smaller 2-3 level beach houses with 2 units per floor and winding vegetation lines paths between them. The larger property makes this possible. One thing that is unique to CSA is the Atrium and Beachfront Suite. It has no glass in the windows! Screens to keep out bugs and wooden louvers to open or close for airflow during the day or close for privacy at night. The absence of glass allows the sounds of Jamaica to come into your room at night. Great to hear the waves lapping on the shore and the tree frogs peeping away without trying to leave open doors. No TVs in these rooms either so they are a quieter area without competing shows late at night. Who goes to paradise to watch TV anyway? I just don't get it.

    Due to its size CSA has more bar and restaurant options and the largest sports & fitness complex with lighted tennis courts (five clay and five hard), two squash courts, two racquetball courts, a fully equipped gym with the latest fitness equipment, 25-meter lap pool, aerobics, yoga, an outdoor jogging track, steam rooms, saunas, Jacuzzi, and a basketball court of any island resort I have ever visited. At CSA there is also the Aurora lounge for late night music and dancing.

    I am sure whichever one you go to it will immediately be your favorite and you will have a great time. Wonderful food, top shelf drinks, friendly helpful service, warm Caribbean waters...ahhhhhhhhhhh, this is why I am on my way back to Couples for the sixth time next month. Married at CSS and now my third time at CSA. As you can see I am a bit partial to CSA but whichever you pick you will love it. That is why they say "Come home to Couples".

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    You might find the following's a comparative review I did last year:

    Right now I'm sitting on the balcony of my room at CN (it is raining really hard). One thing that has changed since last year is that there is now wifi everywhere. I'll post an updated review next week when I get back to the states.

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    Flip a coin because you simply can't go wrong with either CSA or CN. They are both top notch and while different, they are also very much the same. Very hard to explain that statement but once you go, you know. We have been to all 4 resorts and to tell you the truth, we love them all in one way or another but CSA is our favorite, CN and CSS are tied for second while CTI bring up a strong 4th place.

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    Wow i REALLY cant wait to go now!!! Damn!!!!! June where are you......?????????

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    We'd been to Jamaica (Negril) 3 times when we found Couples .... Went to CSA .... Loved it but the next year we tried CN & LOVED it WAY MORE !!!!! Since then, we've been to CN 5 X (with trip #6 booked), CSS 1X with the SR, & have not yet returned to CSA, even though I would not hesitate to go back there ... It was GREAT but CN just is our PERFECT PARADISE ..... You can't go wrong either way so just pick the one that you feel like is the one for you ..... You're going to want to return no matter which one you pick so plan on doing the other the next year & then you can decide ..... You'll then see how hard a question this is to answer ...... It'll be fine either way you go so NO WORRIES !!!!

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