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Thread: Sand Fleas??

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    Leaving in 3 weeks and I ordered some spray from, I will try anything!! Even bug bites wont keep me away!!
    Mary & Mitch

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    We just came back from CN (4/17-4/24) and something bit me on my ankles/arms. My wife has several bites all over body. We were not on the beach after dark or early AM. Must have been something that got into our room overnight? We have the bathroom windows shut the whole time, so nothing could fly in. Doing the calamine lotion treatment now.

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    I was at CSS from 14-22APR. We have been to CSS 5 times, and this is the first time ever I was bit by Sand Fleas. It was our first night there, walking on the Main Beach after a rain. I did use OFF, but it was a weaker DEET (7%) and did not work.

    The 10-12 bites were bad, so I saw the nurse (free visit), who knew right away they were infected. The doctor came out to CSS within a few hours, and brought me antibiotics. It did cost $250 for his visit and meds, but this was Day 3 of a 8 day vacation, so to us the cost and care - which was excellent - was worth it.

    For the rest of the visit, I purchased the OFF at the gift shop (which had 15% DEET), sprayed my legs and ankles and did just fine. There was also the occasional mosquito, but those were not that bad (and mosquitos eat me alive in the USA).

    Moral of the Story: take spray with a high percentage of DEET and some hydrocortisone cream in case you get bit. It will make your vacation so much more pleasant.

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    We just returned from CSS. We each had maybe 5-6 bites but nothing we noticed really and nothing we even worried about. I wouldn't let a few bites stop me from going home and enjoying myself.

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    I'm a magnet for biting critters too, hubby hardly ever gets bitten. We always take a multi-B vitamin a few weeks before we go. This really helps me out and I rarely get a bite. But, if I do I get some ice and rub it on my bites to dull the itch - cold and soothing.

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    We also just returned from CN 4/16 to 4/23 and never once got bitten. We took off wipes and sprays yet we never used them the entire time. Heck, we even used cologne and perfume never had a problem wearing those. We went to beach in afternoon and at night never a bite. I was really worried about this before the trip, but I've been eaten alive by sand fleas in SC shrimping before. Take precautions, but if you've been around them in summertime (South) my guess is you'll be ok.

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    We sat on the beach every evening to watch the sunset a couple weeks ago. We would see the sand fleas come out just before sunset and we would have to apply bug repellent. My wife had a few bites around her ankles that swelled up. They seem to bother some people more than others.

    Just take along bug spray if you are planning on being on the beach during or after sunset.

    Life is good

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    I'm pretty good at avoiding the beach at night because of the dreaded sand fleas, but am wondering about the Starlight Gala at CSS. Are they found in the lawn as well - or just the beach?
    Jan and Mark
    CN 2009
    CSA 2011, 2013
    CSS 2014

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    Was wondering about the Sand Fleas myself. Our first trip, to CNN, was a November. And I got ate up. Our second trip was to CSS in an October, and no bites. But that time I DID go with the Vitamin B. This time, we're going to CSA in October.
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    Quote Originally Posted by acranger View Post
    Was wondering about the Sand Fleas myself. Our first trip, to CNN, was a November. And I got ate up. Our second trip was to CSS in an October, and no bites. But that time I DID go with the Vitamin B. This time, we're going to CSA in October.
    They seem to be more prevalent in Negril as I've never had a problem with them at cti or css in Ocho rios

    I would definitely bring some kind of repellant our stay of the beach after dark at csa

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    Default I hate them!

    Quote Originally Posted by juliebeannn View Post
    anyone vacation at CSA in the last few weeks have any bug bite issues?
    We've been to Jamaica 13 years-running, most of those stays at Sans Souci. I've only developed an allergy to no see'ums in the last three years. I've tried every repellant, but most do not list that they repel sand fleas/sand flies/no see'ums. I had to see the nurse at CSS the first year this allergy developed, and now bring deep woods spray, Benedryl, Claritin and Lanacane, but so far nothing helps. The welts continue to be ugly and ooze (sorry to put it so bluntly). My husband is unaffected, as I was for a number of years.

    I've been told that beach-raking in the morning can bring them to the surface, so I'm not too sure about only avoiding the beach at night.

    I love the beach, don't enjoy poolside, so I will continue to hope that as I sit on the beach next February, that it doesn't happen again.

    On our travel day last year we headed to the beach bar before dinner, had dinner at Pallazina and then I started scratching in the middle of the night. You can't imagine how disappointed I was!

    A nurse recently told me that a vitamin B12 complex helps, taking it 2 weeks before departure and every day while at the resort. There are no-see-ums in Canada where we live.

    I may give it a try next year. I really wish there were a tried-and-true solution.

    I love Jamaica.
    Hope this helps.

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    I went with the Vitamin B12 when we went to CSS, and got no bites. But got bit up pretty bad at our first trip, to CN.

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    I am also horribly affected by sand flea bites. Years ago, the beaches were sprayed at night and the sand fleas were killed. They no longer do this for very good reasons.
    I don't believe that the sand fleas are discriminating enough to only bite certain people..... I do believe that I'm among the unlucky ones who have an allergic reaction to them. My sister started taking an antihistamine and vitamin B a week before her trip and had great results. I plan to do the same and am hopeful!
    Jan and Mark
    CN 2009
    CSA 2011, 2013
    CSS 2014

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    On our first visit, to CN, I got bit up pretty good.


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    Hmm ... I take liquid B12 every day and have for years. Maybe that partially explains why I've never been bitten. That, and we don't stroll on the beach at dusk.
    Janice and Keith in FL

    CTI 2009
    CN 2010 2011 2012 2013 2015

    CSS 2014

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    have 98% deet spray and "bug bands" that you wear that we found at Bass Pro Shops...hopefully that will do the trick
    The sun & the sand & a drink in my hand, with no bottom

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    Quote Originally Posted by LisaPat View Post
    have 98% deet spray and "bug bands" that you wear that we found at Bass Pro Shops...hopefully that will do the trick
    ....Will have to check out those "Bug Bands". Thanks.

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    Sat on the beach at CN last night for the bonfire and then we walked the beach and did not get bit........we did put "bug guard" by Avon on below our knees/ankles before we went down just in case.....but I have never had a problem here, have seen more of the small black ants on the beach this morning than I have ever noticed

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    I went in February 2014 and came home completely covered in bites. I brought big spray but I never saw any bugs at night so I didn't use it, however the bugs are apparently really small so you just don't see them. They itched but it didn't bother me. It's no different than being outdoors in the summer in the states, the itching is annoying but it's not horrible.

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    Do a little research on these critters... They are more akin to shrimp and crabs than they are to insects (they are of the same genus as crustaceans); they don't have wings, but they do leap (up to 40 cm, as I recall). And their bite really packs a wallop... can cause itching, infection, and in the worst cases, carry a form of malaria (leishmaniasis), and other diseases.

    Best to avoid beach areas at dawn and dusk, and immediately following a good rain. The worst culprits (actually the only culprits of this nuisance) are the females, who will bite for the same reason female mosquitoes do... for the protein found in blood. I suspect the fact that they are not insects may nullify a lot of the preventative measures listed by previous posters as anecdotal, although I'm not about to argue with success (personally, I favor rum immersion as a means of making my blood unpalatable to the beasts). One posting I read recommended the use of a water bug repellent, but I could not obtain any satisfactory results by Googling that.

    Further, my research tends to show that afterbite treatments are probably more important than prevention treatments. Once you're bitten, you can't reverse the process, so you may as well treat the damage with antihistamine or corto-steroid ointments such as benedryl. The less you itch, the less likely you are to do further damage to the site of the bite.

    Good luck with the battle on these little beasts!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Got seriously ate up at CN. Interestingly, the other 3 in our party never got bit.

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    We would spray some Off Deep Woods bug repellant around our feet at night before going out. Never had a problem! I also took a B-complex vitamin that had B1 before going on the trip.

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    Just got back from CSS a few days ago. Neither me, my wife, or any of the friends we met had any either. We used some heavy duty DEET the first day, but then kind of forgot about it. We were in the sand at all the "wrong" times, and had no problems. Maybe the little buggers didn't like our blood alcohol levels. :-)

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    This worked perfect for my wife and I in Belize and we plan on doing the same while in Jamaica:

    1. First apply Avon Skin So Soft.
    2. Then apply Baby oil (2nd layer)

    Now we used the original Avon Skin So Soft:

    I cannot say if the "Bug Guard" version works better or not.

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