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    Default Price of TimAir flight to Negril?

    Has anyone done this recently and now the cost of the one-way flight? Trying to decide what we are going to do...

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    The price for two people one-way to Negril is approximately $200 right now.
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    I've seen a lot of varied quotes posted by folks here, but the most common seems to be in the area of about $70 a person if you can share it with another couple.

    Anyone been lately?

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    In early March, we were quoted a price of $210.00 for a one way trip from MBJ to NEG (or vice cersa). However, this quote was only good for 30 days and has since, obviously, expired.

    You can go to their website and request a quote.
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    You can go to the Tim Air website they will quote you a price it is good for 3o days. You can book it with them on line if you know your flight itenarary. My husband and I took it at the end of June they quoted us a price of $210 for both of us, but they had another couple on it at the same time so they charged us $190It was worth the money it is very nice to see how beautiful it is from the air. We arrived about an hour before the others that took the shuttle. We took the shuttle back to Montego Bay.If you take the Tim Air back you can stay two extra hours before departing. Have a great time in Negril it is awsome we can't wait to get back to Paradise!!! Stacie

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