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    Default 15 days to CTI :)

    15 days left until we get to CTI for our wedding/ honeymoon I have NO idea how I will make it through the next 2 weeks lol

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    LOL.. I know how you feel! Usually about two weeks out I completely loose focus on my job and anything else going on!! I usually get my suite case out and pack a couple things every day! haha We have 77 days till we go and I want to start packing already!!! Is it too early?? lol

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    Well congrats on the wedding and honeymoon and you'll have a great time!!

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    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!
    Hopefully the next 2 weeks will fly by quickly!
    You've chosent he most romantic place in the world to begin your lives together.

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    Congrats on your upcoming union! Wifey and I are also on the same 15 day countdown..Third visit to CTI.. We'll see you!!!

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    yay! Congrats! Have a wonderful time!

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    I'm so jealous!! We have to wait until April 15th for our honeymoon! The time will fly and you will have an AMAZING time! Have fun and enjoy!
    Bonnie & Jon

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    Maybe my hubby and I will see u there. We arrive the same time on the 27th. Can't wait

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    Well Serenity, I am sooooo jealous of you!!! We have to wait until 11/28/12 to go for our wedding and honeymoon! So see April doesnt sound so bad after all right? Congrats on the wedding and honeymoon!!

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    lashundag and captain ank you should totally come to our wedding haha its just us and I think the ceremony included is for up to 10 people unless im wrong. Could be funnnn haha Hope to see you guys there. Our names are Sandi and Shannon hes got a sleeve and a huge back piece tat come say hi if you see us And yookster it is NEVER too early! Except looking at your luggage might make the waiting worse...atleast it would for me lol

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    Captain ank is my hubby lol We will def try and come down to see it. Well my husband looks like Jaime Foxx and i'm a five foot sista so it might not be too hard to figure us out. somehow when we are there we will have to figure a meeting spot. What day and time is your wedding?

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    its the 29th at 4

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    It's getting close.
    Doesn't look like we have anything planned at that time so we will def try and give u our best wishes
    See you soon

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    We arrive on 27 Aug too - we got married at CTI on 31 aug 2001 and are going back to celebrate our 10th anniversary - sooo excited can barely sleep! Good luck with your wedding it will be amazing x

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    In one day while laying on the beach, I saw 7 weddings @ CTI, everyone was different & intimate. Keep checking this website to keep your sanity. If you've never been to CTI, it is a small, quaint resort...I hope your time there goes by slowly.

    One love

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    This is gonna be the longest work week ever!!!!

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    Hi Liz.Davies hope to see u guys there also

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    I know this is an older thread, but I am new to the MB and I enjoy reading everyone's experiences First of all - slewis - I hope your wedding/honeymoon were fantastic!!

    soonerfans - I hear your pain! We are getting married on 11-17 and our vacation at CTI is 11-19-26, maybe the 28th if we can swing a few extra days! So it sounds like we will just be missing you!

    246 days till I marry my best friend
    248 days (35 Mondays ) till CTI!

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