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    Default Booking with American Airlines in advance?

    I would like to get the opinion from some more seasoned travelers than myself. My girlfriend and I are planning on getting married at CSS in December. I have found the best package deal so far is with American Airlines from Raleigh-Durham to Miami to Jamaica. The thing I'm worried about is the fact that AA has filed bankruptcy. But I realize that may be more common in the airlines industry, and AA says they are conducting business as usual. Should I be more concerned with cancelled flights this far in advance? I have never had any problems with AA in the past. Thanks for your opinion.


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    Don't sweat it, AA is doing the re-org to get out of some bad debt IMO. We booked with AA back in June 2011 for our April 2012 trip and they have not made any significant changes to our flights since booking 300 days ago. I was hesitant to book with them because Airtran had not yet annouced their flights and rates but by the time they did AA was $400 cheaper per pair of tickets. Good Luck with your upcoming wedding and trip, you are going to love it

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    We booked a flight with AA in Jan of this year for your Oct wedding!! Everyone said to wait because the rates will go down but I've been checking airline prices & they are going up, not down like my family said. The only thing we had change was our flight time...we got an email that said instead of leaving at 9:30 we leaving at 10:15. No worries mon!

    Book as early as you can before the rates go up anymore than they already have!!!

    Good luck

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    Really, you shouldn't worry, AA isn't going where anytime soon. Almost all major airlines have filed at one time or another.

    More importantly, when taking layovers, always choose airlines that have more than one flight a day....just in case you miss a connection there is another flight to get on. I travel a lot (Rdu is my home airport too) and have seen many travelers miss a connection and can't get to their destination for days...

    And for that reason...when we go to CSA in May we are driving to Charlotte to fly direct from there.

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    We've always traveled AA to Jamaica, without incident. I agree with Mick...bankruptcy is pretty common these days and I think AA is strong enough to make it through successfully.

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    I don't want to seem like the Devil's advocate, but American cancels or changes my flights 8 out of 10 times when I fly with them. I wouldn't be so concerned about the bankruptcy thing as I would be about their general business services. I don't want to bore you with the details, but this has included canceling my first leg of flights to where I can't connect until the next day, moving the time up an hour without notifying me in any way, and so forth. I live in a small town where my options are American or Southwest, and since SW doesn't do international, I still fly AA, but I always try to book the earliest flight out to give me more time to try and reroute if I have to. We ended up canceling out last trip to Jamaica, bc they rearranged our flights after we booked to where we couldn't even depart and arrive in the same day. I fly from Lubbock, TX. Just know its always a celebration for us if we get to our destination within 8 hours of schedule when we fly AA.

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