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    Default Going to the Chapel and we are gonna get.........

    We will be at Couples Negril April 30 - May 7th .. getting married May 5th on the beach and we are looking for some half way sober witnesses to join us Any one going during this time we would love to hang and have some drinks!!!Name:  en.jpg
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    Congrats! We'll be there from April 27th until May 6th! Hope to see you there.

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    Congrats and wishing you both a Happy and long future together,what a way to start it out,we will be there that week,see you then......

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    Wish we could be there for you but not again for us until December for trip #6 to CN .... Trip #11 to Jamaica ..... Trip # 8 to Couples ....... You will have a FABULOUS time & meet lots of people their to be at your wedding so NO WORRIES there ..... It's amazing at the # of friends you will make there ..... CONGRATS !!!!! CN is PARADISE ..... Just wait until you see that beach ...... Hubby & I will be celebrating anniversary #32 in September & we owe some of those years to CN ..... It's way cheaper than marriage counceling & a LOT more fun. ENJOY !!!!!

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    We too will be there 4/29 to 5/6 we are getting married 5/3. We are going with three other couples. i am so excited. We are flying out of St. Louis to Atlanta. Where are you guys coming from?
    Looking forward to seeing you and Congrats!!!

    Lori & Pete

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    We won't be there, but CONGRATS and have a wonderful time!

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