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    Default Looking for an underwater camera?

    I recently purchased the Nikon AW100 for use on vacation...The video quality is good, except that it randomly fogs up with moisture under the lens...I recommend looking at other models...

    Here's a video of it doing it when just taking a look around the ocean...happens about halfway through

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    i have a canon power shot d10 and it is wonderful for underwater pics!

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    I also have a canon power shot D10.... Loooove it. Best investment ever!

    Here's a sample

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    We just bought a Lumix (Panasonic) DMC TS3 and are waiting for the ice to clear to give it a good test. They were highly rated and as a diver I can get an underwater cases (by Ikelite or Panasonic) for it to take it to 200 ft from the 40 ft it is designed to do. I will post a picture or two when I have one.

    These cameras have been coming on sale over the past month or so as their new camera the TS4 is about to be released. Got mine out of the US and it was shipped to my door in Canada in 2 days. Wanted to buy locally but stores couldn't come close. Gotta love the internet for research and shopping.

    I have heard of cameras fogging when they are taken from a cool room (due to air conditioning) outside where it is hot and humid.

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    We have a Fuji WP Z that takes really nice underwater photos and video. Newer models are available now, not too expensive and they take pretty good photos out of the water as well. I would recommend you add them to your list of cameras to check out.

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    I recently bought this as a present for my fiancee, in anticipation for underwater photography.

    Canon Elph 300 (click me)
    Waterproof case (click me)
    Another option for case (click me) this one is good up to 130ft.

    I found this to be the best option available when researching underwater cameras. It has an "underwater" mode, as well as many other very cool picture modes. I find the picture quality to be very good, and the camera is a great point and shoot.

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