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    Default WaterSkiing at CSA

    First timers for April. I love to ski and figured the skiing situation on the ocean would include choppy water and dozens of people in line for a short turn if any and kind of put it out of my mind as a possibility because I can ski all the time at home....but after seeing some pictures of some people skiing on calm water I was wondering what the situation is. I get all tingly with the thought of a quick pull in the mornings on the ocean to get the day started and warm me up.

    Do they just pull up and down the beach a small ways out?
    Do you sign up for it or can you just jump in the boat if there is room?
    Can you go every day if you want?
    Do they take a couple loads in and out each day at random times or is it just one load in and out once a day at a specific time?

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    Hi Tucker
    Depending on your ability they will give you a longer ride. They pull off the beach shallows and early water can be very calm. You can go everyday if you wish. Early is better as there can be 6-10 in line latter in the day which also makes your turn shorter. Skis are very basic but they have a nice pull boat. Unless you need help they will leave from the Beach and bring you back to the Beach Guests dont get in the Boat unless they need to rescue for a return to the Beach. Its a good time have fun.

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    I wish I knew the answer to this too. Anyone?

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    We just returned home from CSA on Sunday, my hubby went water skiing on Friday at around 11:30
    He too loves to water ski and thought he would give it a try in the ocean... very different from the lakes here in Wisconsin.
    No need to sign up early, just go to the water sports hut and let them know you want to go. They can take you skiing any time from 8 am to 4 pm, with a lunch break around noon. You will have to sign a waiver there.
    They took my husband almost all the way down to Hedo, which is a few miles down the beach, buy they time they brought him back he was exhausted. He said it was really choppy and he had to stay in the wake.. the driver did try to warn him that it was choppy out, so would suggest you do it first thing in the morning... he had a great time doing it and can now cross it off his bucket list...
    Have fun...

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