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    I know this topic comes up once and a while, but I just came back from CN, and saw a few people giving tips to the bartenders. For those who do leave tips, please remember that even if you try to leave them discreetly, it can be seen by others.

    As Randymon says - if staff are caught accepting tips, they can be fired.

    One of the pleasures I like about Couples is not having to tip. If you want to recognize a staff member, make a comment about them on your comment card when you leave, or bring them a small gift.


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    I am surpised that Randymon let this through. My review of our Oct trip to CSS was edited to leave out my observation of tipping at the beach.

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    I also noticed tips being "discreetly" passed by several vacationers to 3 different bar tenders in 3 different bars. These were not rookie employees either, some had been there a very long time. One of these bar tenders was noticeably more upbeat to the tipper then the rest of the clientele gathered around. Like you I hope people going understand why they are not to tip, and I sure would hate to not see any of the bar tenders that took tips not there the next time I go. My guess is, the people who tipped, do not read these boards but I do know one them was a multiple times repeater.

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    Agree with all of your points.
    We know of staff that have been fired in the past for this.
    We've also seen staff accept a tip after it being aggressively "forced" upon them. As soon as the "tippers" left the staff member immediately went to the front office to turn over the tip and report the matter (knowing they might be fired otherwise). So even if you think you see some one accept a tip, they might not actually keep it.

    We saw a female bartender firmly refuse a tip once. She is the 2nd longest tenured bartender (Lindon being the longest). She said "You think I'm going to lose my work over a few dollars? Nuh Sah!!"
    Just don't do it.

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    Well said.

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