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    Default vacationing w a group- we've enjoyed au naturel not sure how 2 handle

    thoughts- i can't see us not heading over to ssb but what do we say to group and how do u play it if some but not all want 2 join. we'd b cool w it but we r all from a small town. someone must have dealt w this???

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    I you are cool with it then what is the problem????? Just go have fun and don't worry about the others.

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    I know this has been discussed before, but I can't remember the responses. Scroll down and you should be able find some advice.

    Personally, I don't care what other people think. Then again, I probably wouldn't travel all the way to Jamaica with people who would A) judge me, or B) run back home and tell everyone I was running around nekkid.

    Worst case... Sign up for Romance Rewards if you haven't already. Then, without telling anyone, sneak off on a Trading Places day to CTI and enjoy the island. Also keep in mind that SSB is a bit of a hike from the rest of the resort. The rest of your group probably won't even know you're there. If they ask where you were all day, tell them you spent the day in your room. < wink wink> I'm sure they won't pry any further.

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    We met some friends from California at CSS after meeting them at CTI. We both enjoyed the A/N experience but as far as dinner, etc goes we said right up front that if we want to do dinner or an activity together, that's great but otherwise we're free to do our own thing during the vacation. There's nothing worse that getting dragged on say a shopping excursion when you'd rather be at the pool bar just because you're vacationing with friends. Jamaica is known for it's relaxed attitudes about topless and A/N so just set some "ground rules" with your group before hand and have a great time!

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    Default no big deal

    it's fine and really not a big deal at all
    some groups of friends go away on vacation together and it can be great fun to already know people there
    just make sure everyone knows they are not obligated to do things so that everyone can enjoy their vacation that is right for them
    so if you like AN then go there as much as you want, and likely some of your group will do the same

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