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    Default No Couplicious Wednesday Escape this week. Why?

    Greetings to all:

    As you should now be aware, our "Fall Head Over Heels" promotion ends at midnight on Thursday March 15. So that we do not confuse anyone AND to ensure that you take advantage of this great promotion, we will not be offering a Couplicious Wednesday Escape this week.

    Hint: IF you have not already booked AND you want to save the most for the balance of the year AND you want resort credits, 7th night free for travel August 20 - October 31, then be sure to book by end of day Thursday, March 15.

    I'm just sayin'!

    Another version of Fall Head Over Heels MAY be introduced on March 16, but something will be missing AND rates will be higher if we do so.

    Again, I'm just sayin'!
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    Any chance there is a drop in price for a different room. Garden rooms are nice but We just don't like there location. We got married at CSA in Oct 2010 went back last year for our first Anniversary. We convinced another couple to go with us this year. We wanted to spend every anniversary at CSA. But other then the GVS all room are much higher then last year. Please tell me there is going to be a special on a different room category. I really don't want to stay at a different Couples where all the great deals seem to be. If we don't go to CSA it will still be a Couples. Stayed in an BFV our last 2 visits, so we are spoiled. Our wedding and our 1st anniversary dinner were at Feathers. We would like to have all our anniversary dinners at Feathers. Randymon please tell me there will be a sale on a different room soon. Don't force us to another couples. Yes I'm begging.

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    Already booked!
    Couldn't resist

    Thanks Randy....
    Kim and Kevin
    Trip #13

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