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    Default This is it! Last Day for Fall Head Over Heels Promotion Ver.1

    Greetings to all:

    Our Fall Head Over Heels promotion (Version 1) ends at midnight tonight!!!

    We will announce Version 2, but rates will be higher and one if not more if the value added inclusions WILL go away. I'm just sayin.

    Here are the details:

    AND, if that were not enough, we have lowered the minimum group size at CTI and CSS for the same travel period to only 5 paid rooms. That means if your planning on getting married and you have 5 paying rooms, your room (the 6th) is FREE!!! For this amazing Group offer - see your travel agent or call Gisele by calling 1800-COUPLES and follow the prompts for groups.

    Don't miss out! Book by Midnight TONIGHT!!!

    p.s - both individual and group offers are for New reservations only.....
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    Hi Randy,

    It is a great deal, would have been just a little better if it had started on August 2nd........very sad! Still going on the 2nd, just wish I had the resort credits.

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    Will the Wednesday Couplicious Escape be coming back? I'm waiting to book for May at CSS.

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    Good morning randymon,

    I am trying to book using the promotion codes but, it is not allowing it. The promotion that's populated is not giving any of the stuff offered. Do I need to wait until tomorrow? Can I verify that the codes are VPGA and VPXA? Please help!!!
    Terry & Tonia Collins

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    AWWWW! Great deal but I only need 5 days at CN from the 19th to the 24th because I am already booked at CSA from the 24 - 31st.

    Tried to talk hubby into 2 more days but I got the stink eye and he said not to push it....hehehhehehee...a gal can dream.....12 days is good though.....

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    Looks good, until I pushed the "Book Now" button, seems the online engine in not set up for this.

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    Dang, if only this was offered starting the 12th of August (when we're coming)!

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    Is the the new rate/deal for 2013 you alluded to being released on 2/15 or that yet to be released?

    Looking to book for June 2013.

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    Default Can we ....

    Sounds awesome except for one thing... Not including an ocean room for CSA (like the other resorts)... Can I book this special then call and pay difference to ensure an ocean room? Pretty please ... Been waiting for a CSA special as we want to go for two weeks this time, 1 was not enough last time ♥

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    So happy with this deal!!! Booked for 9/14-9/22 at CSS, my favorite place in the world May try to upgrade to Penthouse when we get there, but if none available then no worries!! Thank you, thank you Randymon!!

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    Hey Randymon -
    I'm assuming these rates will stay the same through the 15th??

    We were about to book for October and then realized that AirTran isn't selling seats for Oct yet. I'd prefer to book everything through your site all at the same time and they (AirTran) say October should be available "soon". Just wanted to make sure that your rates will be the same through early March?

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    Is the special only for the room category listed?


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    We did a double vow renewal last year mid November at CSA and were hoping that we could make it back for a Couples anniversary to CSS.With the cost of flights going up all the time we (the four of us) didn't think we could make it back this year,however with everything that you have now thrown in I was over the moon,until I read further and realized it ended October 31st. So wishing this included November.It is still fall after all.Why oh why did you get our hopes up lol! Oh well maybe next year..... It really is a wicked deal

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    Ohhhhhhhh! I'm seriously considering going for this Fall Promotion!

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    Two questions .... If we changed from our current reservation at CSA could we get the Fall For Savings deal ? We've always been able to change when a better deal comes out, but in your post you say it is for new reservations only. Also, if the 7th day is free and we stay for two full weeks, is the 14th day free also ?
    Proud palapa hoarder since 2007 !!!

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    I'm so excited about this promotion! I logged on to book our trip last night but like a few others mentioned above I wasn't able to get the website to reflect the correct pricing - the 7th night and the trip insurance did not show up as free and I don't see any mention of the resort credits. Maybe I just need to call and make this reservation...?

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    Default Wondering

    I to am wondering if this is for june 2013?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fulgurite View Post
    I to am wondering if this is for june 2013?
    Book by March 15, 2012; Travel between August 20, 2012 and October 31, 2012

    Seems pretty straightforward.

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    Apparently, there have been some glitches with the promotion as it relates to the free insurance. We are fixing it, but in the meantime, for any questions regarding this promotion, call our reservations department at 1-800-couples.

    AAS - Yes - only for the category listed

    MarkandJannett - No just one night free for 7+ nights

    fulgurite - only for travel August 20 - October 31, 2012

    Couples Resorts

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    If we changed from our current reservation at CSA could we get the Fall For Savings deal ? We've always been able to change when a better deal comes out, but in your post you say it is for new reservations only.
    Proud palapa hoarder since 2007 !!!

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    This April will be our 7th trip and we fly out of lax. We usually buy 4 to 6 months out. This year has been more expensive than ever and we could't buy until the beginning of February. Prices started going up just before we bought. Paid $1100 for 2. We've paid less than $1000 in years past. KAYAK will give you a good range and they have a chart that shows price trends.

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    Just wondering if on the fall deal you can use resort credits to upgrade your room at CSA?

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    Default Romance Reward for this deal

    We booked this deal...thanks, it is awesome!

    Question: Can we use our romance rewards with this special (attend repeater dinner, etc)? Will we receive romance rewards points for this visit?

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    I have just a couple of questions about the "fall promotion", Randymon.......

    1) Does the insurance cover the flight if we book it separately? (Westjet)
    2) If we wish to cancel before final payment, will we get our downpayment back in cash or vouchers?

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    To answer your questions
    a) The flight is not covered by TripMate insurance. Airlines policies may very but usually you have 1 year from the time your ticket was issued to re-use its value. Airline change fees will also apply.
    b) If you cancel before 45 days the deposit is fully refundable and the refund will be cash.

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