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    Default CSA review-dirty rooms?

    What's with the recent CSA review where they complain of the dirt in the rooms? The review right before it references how clean the rooms were. The "dirty rooms" reviewers truly did not sound like complainers.

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    Maybe not complainers, but probably do not travel much... I would like to know this. Who here on this message board or TA has a home that would pass a sterile inspection? These room are on the beach and I feel housekeeping does a stellar job! Especially considering what they are up against! There will be some dust bunnies in the corner and possibly some spotty mildew in the shower. In my opinion, the rooms are not dirty and I am a Swiffer addict

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    We just stayed in Atrium. They were cleaned well. Not excellent, but sufficient. The bathroom tile grout really needed bleaching. But they always swept the tons of sand every day. The plantation shutters could really use a good wipe down too. Lots of fingerprints. I certainly wouldn't call them dirty, but they could use a good DEEP clean and touch up some spots like gauges in the wooden bed frame and shutters. I saw that review too, along with the pictures, which yes, did make it more believable. Been hearing a lot of these things lately from repeaters too so hopefully Couples will take note.

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    Some people take the term critic to literally and feel they have to be critical to be intersesting. Others come in with pre conceived and non realistic expectations from a movie they saw or magazine they read of what a resort like CSA is supposed to look like. It is not the polished brass, marble, and crystal resorts of maybe the Bahamas or some other exclusive areas. It is a true beach resort where you get the relaxing layed back feel of Jamaica while being pampered. That is what I look for. I want to unwind on vacation. I have been to the real fancy resorts and I am now on my way back to CSA for the third year in a row and sixth visit overall to Couples. This is what a beach resort should be. Don't worry about the occasional "critic". Smile and be problem.

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    We just got back from our 6th trip to CSA last month. I am a neat freak. Every once in awhile, a post will appear on TA about dirty rooms or mold at Couples. I made DOUBLE SURE to check for mold in the grouting and for dust bunnies on this last trip. Quite simply, I found none. In fact, I was constantly amazed at how they managed to keep the sand out of the room since we were in a first floor beachfront room this trip, an no matter how careful we were, we would track in sand.

    Is it possible that some rooms might not get as thorough a cleaning as others on any given day? Sure it is. I'm not doubting the reviewer. But from my own experience, the cleanliness of the room has never been an issue. I know our friends had a problem with a clogged shower head on their trip in February. They called the front desk and it was taken care of.

    And yes, we do travel to other resorts and have stayed in a wide range of rooms from run of the house to five star.

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    Follow that up with the CSA review posting various pics of electrical issues? Is maintenance struggling?

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    I don't waste my time with that site. I know from 4 trips to CSA and one to CSS that housekeeping does an outstanding job. No place is perfect but Couples comes very close. There wouldn't be so many repeaters if they didn't ROCK!

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    I am wondering this too. Seems like the most recent tripadvisor reviews are pretty negative, which has me really worried. I love CSS, and am scheduled to go to CSA in May but having read these recent reviews, I'm really concerned.

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    Default dirty rooms at their prices?? i sure hope not

    [QUOTE=franfromthepoconos;167913]What's with the recent CSA review where they complain of the dirt in the rooms? The review right before it references how clean the rooms were. The "dirty rooms" reviewers truly did not sound like complainerQUOTEI]

    I know it happens at some of the finest resorts...but dirty rooms at these prices is unacceptable.
    I hope this is not true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by franfromthepoconos View Post
    What's with the recent CSA review where they complain of the dirt in the rooms? The review right before it references how clean the rooms were. The "dirty rooms" reviewers truly did not sound like complainers.
    I saw the same review.. On trip advisor right with the pictures? Well if so, I was super bored last night and looked back through every picture of Swept Away all the way back to 2008 and he was the only one who posted those types of pictures in 4 years.

    To answer your question, I was at CSA for my honeymoon last year and loved it. The rooms are rustic and appeal to those looking for a more Jamaican/Caribbean experience. They are clean and tidy, however the grout could use some replacing, but they need to shut rooms down to do that. Nothing was what I describe as dirty, but there was a stain or two on the tiles on the floor, but who's looking at the tiles? The staff is constantly cleaning and sanitizing. Are the rooms perfect? No, but They are beautiful if you like that feel. If you're looking for a South Beach chic resort, keep looking. But if you're looking for a clean, comfortable room at a resort that has awesome food, great service and provides a wonderful Jamaican experience...look no further.

    Love CSA and we're headed back in 85 days.... I wouldn't say no to any room on property!

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    If there were photos, I'd be surprised if they were really at SweptAway. I won't even look at TA... its not sufficiently moderated to keep out those with dull axes.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Here's my 2 cents for what it's worth! I just returned from my first trip to CSA and Jamaica. Hubby and I had huge expectations because we were spending a lot of money (no easy way to get from Seattle to Jamaica). I also did a ton of research so was pretty informed on what to expect. CSA met those expectations. We stayed in an Atrium suite. Housekeeping did a great job. Was everything always 100%, no - but I was on vacation and didn't care. Example, our housekeeper kept giving us one coffee mug but we both drink coffee. Who cares, I just waited until my breakfast was delivered and problem solved. I did a TA post (footballmom)a few down from the dirty room and electrical post. My thoughts on the resort were it felt comfortable like home. We felt the we got our money's worth and are already planning a trip back.

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    I've been to CSA four times, and have never had a dirty room. Musty smell is common as it is very humid. Housekeeping does a great job.

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    OK, I read the review you are all talking about too. Then, I did a little digging and looked at his other review. He loved CTI in 2010 and posted a stellar review. Unfortunately, most of the review is about his airline LOL.
    Here is a link to the review. I wouldnt take what he says about CSA too seriously, he seems only to be impressed with getting something for which he isnt paying.

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    I have never been to a hotel or resort where if I wanted to find something to complain about I couldn't because no place is perfect. That being said, I am on my way back to CSA for the third year in a row next month and love it. Great service, terrific food, amazing beach, comfortable clean rooms, all in a relaxing layed back never crowded atmosphere. I go to relax and take in the whole experience that is Jamaica and that can be found at Couples. Just like the Olympics...drop the high and low scores and look at the average. That average score says coming here is a winner!

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    I have a relative like Marnies refers to above. Her husband is reluctant to even put the bags down at a hotel or resort as they are checking in before she is done complaining about anything and everything in the hopes of getting an upgrade or perk. Some people are only happy if they feel they got something for free or put one over on someone else.
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