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    Default Tennis at Couples TI

    Me and my husband love playing tennis. We had booked Couples Secret RendezVous and just got assigned to Couples Tower Isle. Is there any tennis courts at this resort? I think that there's not...?

    I also have a second question. I found out that the small island at tower isle is a nudist beach. Is it the entire resort that's like that or only the island?

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    J17, if I recall from our resort tour when we went, there is tennis at CTI. It's across the road from the resort, and they request that you get the guard at the gate to assist in crossing the road. Presumably, he'll make sure you're clear to go, so you don't get hit.

    As for the nude facilities, *ONLY* the Isle is nude, the rest of the resort is clothed. I believe it's OK to sunbathe topless (for the women) at the end of the pier, but not on the beach. So if seeing or being nude makes you uncomfortable, just don't visit the Isle! Although, as I'm sure others will suggest, give it a try, no one on the Isle will judge your appearance, and you might be surprised at how quick you "settle in."

    You'll love CTI! We're booked for our second trip next May, and we've only gone once. We fell in love with the resort from our first day, and couldn't wait to go back!


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    Hi Jason,

    Thank you for your reply. I'm glad to know that there are tennis courts..even if it's across the road. I'm gonna ask them if we need to bring our own rackets.

    As for the Island, I'm also glad to know the nudist beach is only there, and not the entire resort. I know a lot of people say they like it, and that we should try it. However, me and my husband are not very comfortable with the idea. I guess we'll see when we get there. Topless sunbathing does not bother me at all...however nudist beach it's another story.

    Can't wait to go and see the resort on the 23rd!

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    H J17

    CTI has 3 floodlit tennis courts (there used to be 5 before the recent renovations, they have yet to resurface the other two courts following the renovations). The court surface is what we in the UK call 'all weather' which is a type of artifical grass (man-made with a sand top dressing). The tennis pro is called Colin and he is great. There are group clinic coaching sessions for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced and you can also arrange private coaching with Colin and the great news is that it's all included. We take our own racquets (my wife won't play with anything other than her own racquet (lol) don't know if it helps her game any!!) but there are racquets and tennis balls available (also all included!!) and they are good quality and not 'well worn'. Colin makes sure the racquets are all in good condition and re-strings them regularly so you don't need to bring your own racquets.

    The courts are across the road from the hotel entrance but you no longer need the guard to escort you across as, a few years ago, we happened to be talking to the owner Mr Issa and mentioned that it would be helpful if there was a pedestrian crossing to get to the tennis courts and he replied 'I will sort it' - then after the renovations, guess what? There is indeed a lights controlled crossing at the gates! How's that for taking care of your guests?

    Have a great time at CTI and enjoy the tennis.

    Mad about tennis

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    J17, as you'll hear often while enjoying the resort, "no worries mon!"

    You'll love CTI!
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    There are racquets available at the tennis facility and instruction. It's very nice. However, if you play avidly, and aren't beginners like my partner and I, you might wish to bring your own racquets as some of these are dated. We, however, enjoyed our tennis lesson and got a good workout and gained a much better appreciation for what our teenage daughter goes through as a varsity tennis player.

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    Is the tennis pro Colin Lea? We met him at CSS some years ago. He's a great teacher! Is he at TI permanently? Thanks.

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    Not sure about the surname, but definitely Colin, and he is really great. There is a mixed doubles comp Thursday's at 4, and singles Friday. Prizes too! We always enjoy playing with Colin, his serves are amazing! Enjoy your tennis there, and the rest ofyour vacation.

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    The tennis pro at CTI is not Colin Lea - his name is Colin Fisher and has been at CTI for a few years now. He used to be the Jamaican No2 player when he was 19 and is a 'leftie' with a demon serve and backhand!!

    Mad about tennis

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    Default tennis TI

    Many thanks for the clarification about the tennis pro. Enjoy!

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