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    Default Thanksgiving at CTI?

    Hello all! I was just sitting here, dreaming about my honeymoon, and it just hit - I will be on my honeymoon at CTI over Thanksgiving!

    I was just wondering if there is anything special that happens during that week? Or if it's a whole lot busier than it is normally at other times in November?


    249 days - till I marry my best friend
    251 days - till I'm on a plane to CTI for my first time!

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    Hello Soon-to-be-Mrs.H

    First of all, congratulations on your forthcoming wedding!

    I went to CN over US's thanksgiving in 2010 but they didn't seem to have anything special catered for thanksgiving. I don't know if Jamaicans also celebrate thanksgiving on the same date as US or even celebrate it at all - we in UK don't celebrate it at all here.
    It was a beach party night in CN every Thursday so it may be something to do with it?! I suppose they might have some kind of Turkey on the buffet at the beaach party but I don't remember seeing it...

    Maybe someone who was in CTI can shed more light on this....

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    We used to go to CTI every Thanksgiving. They usually have a few decorations up, and serve turkey. Nice touch.

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