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    Default Pre-register before check in?

    I've read that I may need to pre-register to make check in more efficient. If so, how do I do this? I am a Romance Rewards Member. Thank you!

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    Login there and fill out your info.....

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    Default what about newbies

    Newbies can't do any kind of pre-checkin can they?

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    How far in advance would you do a pre-checkin?

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    How soon in advance should I pre-register? We are going to CSA in 37 days.


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    Check-in was quick and easy when we arrived - and there was a full shuttle. What's the benefit of pre-check-in? You still need to get your room key etc.

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    We wait until we're about a month out... pre-registration still had a few kinks in October, but I've heard its gotten better. All it really does is to streamline your request for repeater goodies and get them your departure information. They still need your CC swipe, which can take time when they're processing a bus load of folks.

    That said, its still worth doing if you're a RR member.

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    They say 3 - 7 days before. I just pre checked in today, and leaving next Thursday.

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    Everyone should sign up for the romance reward s and you should pre-register about a week ahead of time. You can choose you minibar booze and such but you don't want to do it too early. Once you get there you can also sign up to do a trading places at the sister resort but you have to be a romance rewards member. It's a nice perk!

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