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    Default Awesome review on TA!

    I just read one of the funniest reviews on TA about CSA. This guy is complaining about electrical wires (yes really!) being exposed and then has preceded to take pictures and post them! Seriously, how can you go somewhere so beautiful and care so much about electrics?!! Surely most of your time is spent chilling on the beach drink in hand, enjoying the sunshine, when do you have time to take pictures of electrics!!! Funny.

    Anyway, one week till CSA for us, beyond excited. What ever happens, good time or bad, there will be no pictures of a bunch of wires from me! Well.... maybe I'll take one as a joke.

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    The self proclaimed blogger critics of the world want the attention and not the fun. They have a soap opera/reality show mentality that being critical and argumentative are the only ways to be interesting. In this world you have as much fun as you let yourself have. I am off to CSA next month for the third time. I am having fun and not white gloving the window molding.

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    It's a man thing. Many of us are amazed that the electricity works at all in Jamaica when you see the practices they employ throughout the area.

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    Saw that myself, found it quite funny. I think it was labeled "The Truth"

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    I saw a review on TA a couple years ago where they gave CTI one star because of things like a scuff in the molding around the elevator and a little food that had gotten out of the tray at the buffet that didn't get cleaned up immediately. You have to just laugh at those reviews. I feel bad for someone if they let things like that ruin their vacation!

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