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    Default CSS vs CSS Tell me your MUSTS

    We are heading to CSS in 11 days &already been to CTI,CN & CSA. What are the MUSTS that we shouldn't miss while at CSS?

    I will start: I MUST avoid the Bob Marleys Shots....I never learn! But if you haven't had one you MUST!

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    You MUST have a massage at CSS, the huts on the cliffs are hard to match, quiet, solidtude just the wind and the waves crashing on the rocks.

    You MUST take a dip in every pool while leisurely strolling the breathtaking grounds.

    You MUST venture up to the hidden hot tubs near the Mineral Pool in the evening.

    You MUST attend the Friday night Gala. I like to compare it to an awesome outdoor wedding!

    Since you are a repeater, CSS does a great job on the Repeaters dinner. Pierre is the GM all the rest of the GM should aspire to rival. He makes every guest feel special.

    Try to do each restaurant once!

    The grounds at CSS are hard to beat, the rooms are hard to beat, the fact that every room has an ocean view is awesome!

    Not sure what room category you booked, but if you are on the cliffs, do venture up to the Balloon Bar in the evening, if you are on the beach, do venture up to the Balloon Bar in the evening.

    You MUST go to Sunset Beach for Sunsets and the Sax player, such a romantic touch.

    I have stayed at 2 but visited all 4, and to me CSS is the most romantic!

    You will love it, have a great time!!!!

    CN 06, 07
    CSS 08, 10
    CN booked for 2013

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    Hey Midnight Cocktails!
    You MUST go to tSSB and while at the pool take a dip in the GROTTO! You MUST find a hammock and enjoy being serenaded by the strolling saxophone player with the waves providing the background "music."

    You MUST have a FABULOUS TIME!!!!:-)
    All the best!

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    Thanks for the tips! We will do the couples massage for sure & love the meandering sax player! 9 Days and counting! The hidden Hot tubs & grottos sound so amazing, I have a feeling CSS will quickly become our favorite too. Funny that it's the last one we are getting to! It sounds to me like it takes ALL of the things we have loved at the other 3 and bundles them all into one!!! Did I mention 9 days??

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    You MUST spend lots of time at sunset beach. you must enjoy not having a wet suit. You MUST have Dwayne at the Balloon Bar make you his special-cookies&cream. You must have the best vacation ever!!

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    Greetings Midnight Cocktails!

    You must have room service in the a.m. There is nothing like sipping great Blue Mountain Coffee and nibbling on sweet breads, while gazing at the beautiful bay. You must have dinner one evening at Bella Vista, on the beach. You must walk the entire grounds at least twice to really get the feel of all of the nooks and crannies of this romantic resort!

    Have a great time!!!

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