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    Default Arriving via Kingston

    Hi everyone.

    It's that time again, we are planning our next return home to COUPLES! Looking at flights the best deals are into Kingston rather than Mo Bay. Can anyone tell me if Couples (The origional Couples COR now known as CTI ) will collect us from Kingston rather than MBJ? I seem to remember that they will but am not sure. Last time we flew into Kingston we flew on to MBJ . I think CTI is actually closer to Kingston than Mo, Bay but wonder if there are regular shuttles laid on by Couples? Any help greatly apreciated. Either from guests or Randy and Co.

    Thanks see some of you real soon!

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    They will not.

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    Nope. You've got to fly on to Montego Bay for the free shuttle to any of the Couples resorts.
    Ricky Ginsburg
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    From the FAQ

    How we will get from the airport to Couples Resorts and how long is the drive?

    Couples Resorts provides complimentary shuttle from / to Montego Bay (Sangster International) airport.

    They can setup a private transfer for you from Kingston, but you would have to pay for it. To make arrangements, contact the Romance Concierge
    Irie Mon

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    Unfortunately they will not. You can only utilize the shuttle from Montego Bay.

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