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    Default Couples Lounge And paying for the VIP Club

    What is the difference between the couples lounge and then VIP club? Confused if there is a difference. Why pay of you don't have to?

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    As far as I saw it the Couples lounge is upon arrival awaiting your ride to the resort.Enough time for a bathroom call and a cold one or two. They filled up my bubba mug for the trip.
    The VIP lounge was leaving.$60 per couple. We were going to do but decided not to and spent our time shopping.Prices were not too bad. Bite to eat and on your way! My advice use the $60 for rum or coffee to bring home!

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    I'm sure you'll get many responses to your question, so here's my two cents---the Couples Lounge is FREE and it's where you enjoy a Red Stripe and wait for your shuttle to your resort after your arrival at MBJ. The VIP Mobay Lounge is NOT owned by Couples and is provided for a FEE--$30 per person for your use when you depart Jamaica. We have used the VIP lounge twice and it has been helpful in getting us quickly through customs and the lounge is a relaxing place to wait for your flight back home to reality.

    One Love!

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