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    Default Buying Coffee to bring Back

    Hey everyone! We were in Jamaica 5 years ago and loved the coffee so we plan to bring some back this time. We are going to be at CSS (and we will get there this Friday morning BTW)! Where can I buy coffee beans? I don't wanna buy ground coffee because we use a french press for coffee! Thanks so much for any help or suggestions!!

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    If you plan on doing the shopping tour, you can get coffee just about anywhere--make sure it's certified blue mountain. We found great prices at the Sonji's shopping mall. The CSS gift shop also sells coffee. Just make sure you check the date on the packaging before you buy!!!!

    Have a wonderful trip!!! I'm counting the days to July 18th when I get to go home to CSS!

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    The airport has the best deals and a good selection

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    We found that some of the best prices for coffee and other "food" and beverage items is at local grocery stores/markets (hot sauce, jerk seasoning, etc). The "shopping mall" has them but it is a tourist trap and you pay more.

    There are some grocery stores within a short walk of where they drop you for the tourist shopping.

    The airport also has coffee less than the tourist shops but more than the the local market.

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