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    Default Can't pick a resort!!

    Me and my fiance are heading to Couples for our honeymoon June 2013, and I'm having such a hard time picking which resort I would rather be at. He's deployed so the research is on me (sucks for him LOL) and the more I do, the more I can't decide. I'm leaning more towards CTI right now, as it has the snorkeling that we want in addition to the beauty and age. However, and I know this sounds weird, but we want a room with a roomy bathtub as well as a shower, as well as room in the bathroom so we aren't stepping on each others toes to get ready, since it will be our honeymoon. I know there are a lot of threads about this, but for other people who spent their honeymoon at Couples, could someone please help me out and give a view opinions as to which you preferred for a honeymoon and why?
    Neither one of us have been to Couples, let alone Jamaica! Thanks so much in advance .

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    Any of the jaccizzi suite at any of the resorts that have them will work. CSA has them in teh Great House, CTI has them also...not sure about CSS or CN but I would bet they have them as well. CSA and CN have the best beaches, while CTI and CSS have private beaches.... Tell us more about what you want...

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    Not sure if this changes anything for you, but all resorts offer snorkeling.

    The beachfront Suite at CN has a HUGE bathroom with jacuzzi tub and separate shower. The Jacuzzi beachfront rooms at CSS are also roomy with separate shower and tub and the jacuzzi guesthouse at CSS also has a separate shower and tub. So, all 3 offer the bathroom option.

    CTI recently under went a renovation so I wouldn't exactly call it old. All four of the resorts are beautiful. The fauna at CSS is hard to believe it is so beautiful. Both of the resorts in Negril are on fabulous stretches of beach.

    The decision is tough, but keep researching and eventually one will stand out, book that one.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Congrats on your upcoming wedding and honeymoon. Asking people's opinions of which resort to go to will give you lots opinions...and you know what they say about those. It may be best to tell what it is you're looking for in a resort and ask for those who've been to the various Couples Resorts to let you know which resort best meets your description. We've been to CTI and found it to be a nice resort with great staff and service. We stayed in an Ocean Jr. Suite which had a large bathroom, shower and jacuzzi tub. We really liked this room catagory there. The great part of staying at a Couples Resort is that there's not one that's better than's just that they're each unique and they're all great (we've been to all 4).

    Best wishes on your choice,

    Bart & Bug

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    Each resort can offer you rooms with big bathrooms, walk in showers, and jacuzzi tubs. It is the rest of the resort you should be looking at. After all, it has been said that the success of a resort is based on how much time you spend outside of your room and not in it. Even on your honeymoon. So what are you looking for when you leave your room?
    We have stayed several times at CSS and CSA. I can tell you the snorkeling was better off Negril than Ocho Rios as the reef was a bit more alive. You will also only be snorkeling for about 1 hour on one or two days during your stay. CSA and CN will soon be the only Couples to offer the catamaran sunset cruise as an included trip.
    CSS is small, intimate, and very romantic. (We were married there) It is also built into the side of the hill so half the resort involves a lot of steps. A small man made beach but several nice pools and the Beachfront Jacuzzi Suites are on the lower level grounds. Close to Dunns River. The sunset beach is an au natural beach during the day.
    CSA is the largest of the Couples and spread out over a vast flat piece of land. The best sports facility in most of the islands with a lap pool, full gym, several tennis courts, juice bar, etc. They have the most restaurants and bars giving you more choices there. Buildings are mostly like large beach houses rather than the hotel look. 2-3 levels with 2 units per floor. Winding foot paths between them. The pools are small but the beach...WOW. The famous Seven Mile Beach is listed as the fourth nicest beach in the world in recent travel magazines. The waters edge is public but the seating area for your lounge is private. You can walk the length of this beach in the morning to pass by other resorts, hotels, and shops. No au natural section of this resort.
    I visited CN during one day. Fairly large beach with a large main pool with swim up bar. One section of the beach is au natural. Large open air restaurant for buffet meals. We did not stay until dinner.
    You have to prioritize what you are looking for. No resort has everything. They are all special in their own way. I can assure you that no matter which you choose you will have a great and memorable time.

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    I have stayed at 2 but been to all 4. CSS is IMO the perfect choice for a Honeymoon, it have everything except the walking beach. It is so romantic. As Juli mentions the Grounds and Flora at CSS blows you away. That is the one thing that kept me from loving CTI, of all of the Couples Resorts, it lacked the beautiful flora and fauna of the others.

    In the end.... You have to choose the one that calls to you. Congratulations, and so much thanks to your fiance for his service.

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