Me and my fiance are heading to Couples for our honeymoon June 2013, and I'm having such a hard time picking which resort I would rather be at. He's deployed so the research is on me (sucks for him LOL) and the more I do, the more I can't decide. I'm leaning more towards CTI right now, as it has the snorkeling that we want in addition to the beauty and age. However, and I know this sounds weird, but we want a room with a roomy bathtub as well as a shower, as well as room in the bathroom so we aren't stepping on each others toes to get ready, since it will be our honeymoon. I know there are a lot of threads about this, but for other people who spent their honeymoon at Couples, could someone please help me out and give a view opinions as to which you preferred for a honeymoon and why?
Neither one of us have been to Couples, let alone Jamaica! Thanks so much in advance .