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    While staying at CSA in 2004 & 05, my wife and I purchased a couple of hand painted t-shirts from a gentleman on CSA property. Were're planning a return visit for our 37 wedding anniversity next spring. Does anyone happen to know if this gentleman is painting t-shirts At CSA.


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    He was still painting those shirts when we were at CSA this past April!
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    He was not there the last 2 years I have been there. I too have 2 very special painted T's from 2005 & 2006 :-) wonderful memories!

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    I don't recall from visit to visit if its the same guy, but there is a t-shirt painter there on a daily basis near where the ladies have the nail painting/hair beading concession.

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    We purchased hand painted TShirts from a vendor on property in 2008 and he was still there when we were there this past February so I believe he will be there when you return. He is very talented and we enjoyed watching him paint.

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    Yep, we saw him when we were there 8/21 thru 8/26. He does amazing work!

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