Hello everyone! Only 38 more days till we go home to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. We've been saving the money since the day we got back from our honeymoon.

We reserved the Atrium suites and I've been scanning the boards but have found some conflicting information. Any answers would be super helpful in our planning.

1. Are there mini-fridges in the Atrium Suites now? I know at one point they did not, but has that changed? I read somewhere you can request that they be stocked with a few items to be there when you arrive. Is this true?

2. I heard some rooms might have a partial ocean view. Is this true? I assume they are 2nd Floor rooms. If they have a partial view are they still relatively private? Anyone know which rooms those are or which building numbers?

3. Are the rooms close enough to the main lobby that you are bothered by it?

4. Can people see you on your balcony?

5.My husband is a smoker. Will this be a huge problem in the Atrium balconies?

6. Are we allowed to bring incense or scented candles so as not to bother our neighbors?

Thanks so much! Our second honeymoon couldn't be here sooner.