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    Default my 2 questions I posted are not here, what gives?

    I posted 2 questions within the last week, and neither are here....what gives??

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    1. This should be in the "Help" forum.
    2. I see plenty of posts from you, including questions about travel agents and check-in upgrading...?

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    They do a lot of censoring on this forum. Best to ask on Facebook.

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    If you view your profile, you have one question about upgrade charges and one about dirty rooms. Are those the 2 you are looking for? If so, go to your profile, click on "View Latest Posts" and you will see them there.

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    Either you didn't wait long enough for a moderator update the board or your posts were not appropriate for this message board. Not all posts make it past the moderator. Remember, this is a marketing tool, not a public forum. In fact, this post of mine is probably borderline!
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    My questions were about upgrades, not even close to being inappropriate..

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    Quote Originally Posted by louiseandjames View Post
    My questions were about upgrades, not even close to being inappropriate..
    So, this?

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    Sometimes the message board takes a day or two to update. Usually once a day, sometimes not, but eventually your threads will show up. If you are new to the board it takes a little getting used to, and some patience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrisJamie View Post
    Yup KrisJamie, thats it.....I found it too....I guess it was just me being inpatient

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