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    Default Checking to make sure Romance Pre-register info went through

    I have in the past years completed the pre-checkin through Romance Rewards but when we arrived at the resort and finding they have no record of receiving it.
    I completed the pre-register for our upcoming visit- 3/24-4/1/12. Is there any way to check that they received? I picked the bars stuff so that it would be stocked when we arrived. Any suggestions or feedback you have to help me would be appreciated or if you have stayed recently- are they having problems?

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    We always do pre-check in but 2 out of 3 times the front desk didn't have the correct info. Wrong repeater's gifts etc. Once at CSS and once at CTI

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    Same exact question!?? I was trying to do that today & last year we did the pre checkin and also they didn't have record of it when we got to CTI. They took care of it right away though as they always do!
    CSS 9 Days!!

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