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    Default Looking for Guidance for our 3 Night Stay at CN

    Just a couple more weeks and we will be soaking up the rays. Due to childcare and life in general, we can only swing 3 nights. Our flights will enable us to get some extra hours on either end, but we really want to make the most of what we have. We'll be there Wed, Thurs and Fri nights. Beach Party on Thursday. What about Lobster night at Otaheite? And where Wednesday night? I was thinking the Catamaran trip and leave it at that for "excursions".

    Any tips on how to make the most of our mini-vaca?

    Sooooo ready!

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    Stay on the resort, except for te Cat Cruise. Supper at the Heliconia Wednesday evening. Spend you days on the beach and try the Hobie Cat sailing at water sports.
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    Lobster Night at every restaurant is great so do not worry that you have to be at otaheite on Friday. Also go to
    Lychee. I love that place. Had a fab lobster dinner one night there.

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    I will start by saying we have never been, but I will tip you off to some of my research. We are in a similar situation, squeezing in four nights. I read a couple threads about excursions, they seem to take up a good chunk of the day and we have decided to stay on the resort and take advantage of all the activities there.

    To make the most of our vacation, I will be up early every day to get the most time at the beach. I have done this at other resorts, it is some of the nicest time there, everything is quiet and you have the place to yourself.

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