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    Default Can I Skype phone call back to the USA from CSA?

    I'm trying to sell a house and need to be able to speak with my realtor while on vacation next week, if I'm on the CSA wireless, can we call back home via Skype. I know that some wireless systems limit the data and thus stopping me from using Skype.

    Anyone know for sure?

    3 days to go.....
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    We were at CN and took our laptop to be able to Skype with our kids back home. We had no problem doing so. Not sure if that answers your question?

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    We just returned from CSA. We were in building 26, which is right in the center of the resort. We were unable to Skype from our room, but you should be able to bring your laptop to the internet cafe and use Skype just fine. Problem is, it isn't private then because there may be others in the room. If you have a room closer to the internet source, you might be fine.

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    Certainly!!! We did. We purchased a 30 day unlimited international calling package on Skype for around $15. We hadn't planned on purchasing this, however Hurricane Irene was doing a dance up the northeast and we had to make some calls home and to let them know we may be coming in a day or two later. We also had to call work. We had my boss at work (I'm a travel agent) making the airline phone calls for us. We also we trying to get a weather update. Anyway - I digress. We downloaded it on my iPad in the lobby at CSA and made our calls. We had checked out so we took my iPad and carry-ons to the beach bar for a few last drinks. We saw we had wi-fi there too (free) which is what we needed to make the call, so we tried to call home. We were successful...we had a chat with my father-in-law at the beach bar while drinking. Of course, the blenders made it a little difficult to hear....

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    We have gone to CSA the last 2 years and have skyped back to the states to touch base on the kids. I've never had a problem with the wifi and skyping from the room.

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    Absolutely!... You may need to wander around to find a good signal (not a problem in the internet cafe), but once you're on, it works great!

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    We skyped from our room at CSS with no problems.

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