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    Default Forgotten item, CSA 3/10

    My honeymoon has been kind of overshadowed by leaving behind my teddy bear when I left CSA on 3/10. I know it may sound silly, but I've had him for 20 years and there are a lot of memories with that bear! We've been to 5 countries together!

    I tried calling the front desk from the airport, and they took my phone number but never called back. Today I got the Lost and Found desk, and they also took my name and number. I emailed the resort (at the address they gave me to send our marriage license to), but I haven't heard back

    Anyone have any other suggestions? I was hoping that since I called right after we left, he'd be found and I could have him shipped back.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Oh, Tara, I am so sorry. We always bring bears with us on our trips. It reminds us of home and we are just silly bear people.

    A few years ago, I left my cell phone in the safe. I didn't call until we got home. I spoke to the concierge at CSA, and he said that they had found it and offered to ship it back to me. The shipping between Jamaica and the US is terribly expensive, and I decided not to have it shipped, as it was time to upgrade my phone. However, with something priceless like your childhood teddy bear, you definitely wouldn't mind paying for shipping.

    Anyway, I would suggest contacting the 800 number that is listed on this website. They are incredibly helpful at customer relations. If anybody can help you, they can. Good luck.

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    Default Teddy Bear

    We are heading there on Wednesday, will make it a scavenger hunt. What color is your bear in case we find more than one!

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    We are arriving at CSA 4/13 and would be glad to bring him/her home and ship it to you if shipping from Jamacia is tooooooooo expensive. Let me know!

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    So far, no word. I'll call the 800 number today and see if that helps!

    Thanks for the offer, cooljewel! Samson is (off)white with a burgundy ribbon, with brown eyes. He's terribly mischievous, and possibly playing hide and go seek in room 2127!

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    My other reply has not yet posted; I just got the confirmation from Couples that my bear is no where to be found. I am incredibly sad, and also disappointed.

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    Maybe he found a lonely child that needed cheering up and just couldn't leave him/her.

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    That's my hope, and the believing it makes it a little easier. Thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by Shartalin View Post
    Maybe he found a lonely child that needed cheering up and just couldn't leave him/her.

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