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    Default Catamaran Cruise to be discontinued at CTI

    Greetings to all:

    I regret to inform you that due to demands by the boat's operator for untenable rate increases, we have taken the decision to discontinue the Catamaran Cruise at Couples Tower Isle - effective August 20, 2012.

    Both CTI and CSS will continue to include Dunn's River Falls, Shopping Tour, Golf, Shuttles to Margaritaville AND, of course room service and mini-bars in all rooms and suites.

    We regret the necessity for this action, however we trust that you undertand our position.

    Couples Resorts

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    Awww...we won't be arriving until November for our first time and are sad to hear we won't get that experience I have no doubt it won't hinder our fun had, just one experience we won't get.

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    The Islanders will be disappointed. "Flashing The Cat" was great fun!

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    We arrive May 28 to June 7, so that means we will still get to enjoy the cruise? Right?

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    Wow. I hope this is not a trend that may spread to the other Couples locations. The cat cruise is a very popular attraction for many of us. Maybe in time a new agreement can be reached with the cruise operators.

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    Well that's just sad. No horseback riding and now no catamaran cruise? Any plans to replace that tour with something else?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave&Jessica View Post
    Well that's just sad. No horseback riding and now no catamaran cruise? Any plans to replace that tour with something else?
    I'm with you. Both of those excursions are probably what we would look forward to as they don't take much time away from the resort. If you're a repeater, how many times can you dunns river. Personally we've never done the golf or margaritaville, golf takes too long and margaritaville is just another bar you can go to anywhere. Horseback riding and the catamaran are perfect short excursions that take on a life of their own each time.

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    WoW!!!! Now I am really disappointed. We have been to TI 3 times and SS once, going back to TI in January 2013 and we have constantly put off the catamaran cruise to do other stuff, now I am regretting it. I truly hope that they put in something extra.

    One year we went and couldn't do the horseback ride due to not knowing to bring jeans and shoes with a slight heel/wedge... went the next year and brought the jeans and shoes and it wasn't included any longer.

    a bit sad now.

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    We also are very disappointed - the cat cruise was one of our favorite things. I agree - first horsebackriding, now the cat cruise... So are they taking it away at Negril also? If not, why ? Wouldn't it be important for Couples to keep the amenities pretty even among the resorts?

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