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    Default A few thoughts on CN versus our Tower Isle Trip

    Just returned from our first visit to CN yesterday. A few honest thoughts. By the way, last year we experienced Tower Isle and loved it.

    Overall Couples Negril was just fantastic. The service, people, layout of the resort, housekeeping, ect. There were however two things that struck both my wife and I. We never eat as well as we do at Couples (we get spoiled rotten), however as great as Negril was in the food area, we really felt from the 2nd day that Tower Isle's daily selection (especially breakfast) was by far more diverse. At Tower you'd never know what would be at the buffet. At Negril, for the most part, each station on the line had pretty much what was there the day before.

    Secondly (and this struck each of us just as strongly) was the staff at Negril, while unbelievably friendly, were simply not as happy as the staff at Tower Isle. We all know when someone is happy. We also know when someone is polite but just not as interested. I have explained it the best I can. It was a very palitable difference that we both in seperate ways felt.

    We are common Mid-western working people so we are not jetting around the world at fancy resorts. Even with those these two things stood out in our trip, we would still choose Couples over any resort due to what they do and how they do it. However, everything felt more genuine at Tower Isle.

    We are repeators now and will continue to be on vacations. Maybe the new Barbados or Tower or Sans Souci.

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    Great insight arago! We did CN in April 2011 and absolutely loved it all! We head to CTI this April and were concerned whether or not we'd made the right decision. This is yet another of the many posts that makes us even more excited about CTI!

    Thanks so much for your post.


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    I find the earlier comments so interesting. We, too, are mid-westerners and have visited CSA, CTI and, most recently, CN. We would have to give CN a "thumbs up" on overall experience. I will agree that the breakfast buffet at CTI was truly the best we have ever experienced at an all-inclusive. We have visited many resorts both in and out of Jamaica and have found our home in Jamaica, specifically Couples. wE are surprised that the earlier reviewer found the staff "not as happy" as at CTI. We were at CTI in December 2012 and at CN this December. We found real happy campers at CN and moderately happy at CTI. I guess it is all in the eye of the beholder. In any event, no one can possibly go wrong with a trip to a Couples resort. They truly rock!

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    Well it goes without saying that CTI have the absolute best staff of all the couples Resorts. It's interesting that you make the comments about CN staff as we felt the same when we tried it a few years back. We still will try it again one day as every Resort deserves a second try but we are heading back to CSA first. Been to all of them and CTI wins hands down for us.

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    I agree. They really do rock! It just may have been that at CTI we ran into some truly exceptional people. So much so, that it made a huge mark on us. We still had a fantastic time. But it struck me enough to jot a few notes. However, a great time. As I write this it is now 8 below zero in Minnesota. Wish we could go back next week!

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    George and I visited CN over the New Years week celebration. I found the CN staff pleasant, perfunctory and willing to oblige if asked. There was only one server at the Thai restaurant who treated us with an enthusiastic approach that seemed to go above and beyond the call of duty.


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    Honestly give CSS a try...... The grounds cannot be beat, nor can the balconies on the 1 bedroom ocean suites w/balcony. The spa location on the cliffs are outstanding! Hidden spots everywhere. This resort is a joy to explore, and you can still do a trade day at CTI.

    CN 06, 07
    CSS 08, 10
    CN soon come 2013

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    hmmmm now I am nervous if we made the right choice... my husband and I are doing the same thing you did.. We stayed at CTI last year and LOVED IT!! Love the staff, made many new friends and enjoyed everything about the resort. However we thought this year we would go try the Negril side of things so we booked a trip in May to CN. The one thing I did enjoy about CTI is the staff, I had such a great rep ore with them. I would hate to find that at CN they are not as friendly.

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    I tell you what, the staff is friendly just not to the degree we found at CTI. We went for the same reason, we wanted to see Negril side. Do not will have a wonderful time!

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