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    Default CSA Martini Bar Staff????

    Going back to CSA in April and was wondering if Shaun amd Romaine are still bartending at the martini Bar? Shaun was great and made us feel so welcome any time we came up those stairs. If not who is batending there these days?

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    We just came back on Saturday. Shaun was still there, but Romaine was on vacation. I think that we was due back to work on the day that we left. It was still fun. As always a great place for a pre-dinner drink to start your night of right, and with a few laughs.

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    Romaine is definitely still there (as of last month). He is fantastic and remembers everyone!

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    Yes, Shawn is still there!!! The best martini bartender ever. I don't know about Romaine...sorry

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    My wife and I feel that they help make Couples such a great experience. I don't know how they remember everyone's name but when they greet you with it and a big followup warm smile you do feel at home. Great job...and I hope Couples never lets them get away.

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