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    I need help deciding between CTI and CSS for September 2012. We went to CSA in October 2011 and fell in love with it. So much that we don't even want to give another island or resort chain a chance this year! We are now addicted to Jamaica and Couples! Now we want to try Ocho Rios and are hoping that we will love CTI or CSS just as much as CSA! My boyfriend and I are both in our late 20's so I am wondering which one would fit us better?!? I am trying to book by March 15th to take advantage of the special! Any advice is appreciated!

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    Hi Ashlyn,

    If you liked CSA for being spread out with lots of room to roam then CSS would be more similar than CTI. Also, if you like the CSA sunsets you'll appreciate CSS's Sunset Beach. The one difference is that CSS has lots of stairs to climb, as it's built on cliffs, but that's just part of the beauty for us. CTI is smaller and has more of a hotel feel but the service at both is equally great.

    Good luck on your choice,

    Bart & Bug

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