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    Default Rum available at airport lounge?

    This is my first trip to couples after being diagnosed with celiac disease so I won't be able to enjoy my red stripe

    Does anyone know if rum (and coke?) is available at the lounge or am I going to be stuck with water until I get to the resort?

    CSS--13 days and counting!!

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    Sorry to disappoint you, no rum available at the Couples Airport Lounge the only alochol is beer but there is coke if you don't want to stick with water.

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    Sorry no rum.

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    Red Stripe & Red Stripe Lite are the only drinks available. Enjoy the water, you're still in JA mon.

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    We've been to Jamaica, and Couples, once and in the airport lounge the only beverages that are available are Red Stripe, Red Stripe Light and water. Sorry no pop or liquor.... enjoy the weather and landscape while travelling to CSS and then enjoy the champagne upon arrival at the resort. We stayed at CSS for our honeymoon... you will absolutely love it, we did!

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    I do not believe they have anything other then Red Stripe, water and soda's. You could pack a small bottle of it in your luggage and grab it before you go into the lounge and get the mixer. Just a thought! Before 9/11 I saved my airline liquor bottles and would refill them and take them on in my carry on. I would just get the appropriate soft drink from the airline and mix my own. Those were the good old days, got hot food free then also.

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    Just Red Stripe. Sorry.

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    No rum there. Beer, sodas, or some juices at times.

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    ah oh well....I guess I drank enough red stripe last time to make up for it. I like the idea of packing a small bottle in my bag to get me to the resort. I am sounding like a bit of a lush now aren't I?

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    To expand on smroot's post, the little mini airline bottles can be purchased at most liquor stores and you can carry them on board in your carry on as long as they are in a 1 quart clear plastic zip loc bag and each bottle is under 3 ounces (the 50 ml bottles are under 2 ounces). You are only allowed one 1 quart bag with liquids per person. My last trip I had 4 or 5 in the zip loc bag but you still can't drink them on the plane.

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    There is a bar outside that sells drinks by where the shuttles depart. We have bought red stripe before as the cups in the lounge are so small. They should really make them bigger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaraforty View Post
    There is a bar outside that sells drinks by where the shuttles depart. We have bought red stripe before as the cups in the lounge are so small. They should really make them bigger.

    I got a chuckle about your comment on making the drinks bigger. Not to chuckle at you but brought back some memories and made me think there could be a reason for making them small. One is to knock the edge off so when you take the ride to your resort you don't get too stressed, the other is not to serve so much as to piss yourself while on the ride to the resort

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    Hmm, LaurieK, 1 or 2 of mine must have evaporated during the flight.

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    If you ask the right question to the right person, you will will get all the rum you need.

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    Last summer I bought 5 small airline type bottles of rum. I put them in a zip lock bag and then in the outer pocket of my checked bag. After finding the bag at the carousel I took out my stash and put it in my purse. We headed to the Couples Lounge and got some Pepsi or Coke. Made our cocktails for the road trip! Had
    to start the party! Beer is just not my thing but our rum and cokes were great for the 1.5 hour ride! Yeah
    Mon! It can be done!

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