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    Default island activities

    been to CSS and they have scheduled activities at the AU beach.....wouldn't it be great if they scheduled some on the island

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    Just my opinion, but with the island being smaller, I am not sure that I would like scheduled activities. Maybe a trivia game once an afternoon, but that's about it.

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    If you're there at the same time as crabracer, you could have a good time playing "toss the squid"! They bring a collection of pool toys to play with.

    You could also feel free to bring some games of your own when you visit. The island crowd is friendly enough that someone will join in...

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    One year when we were there in September they did upon our request and what clean fun. Will suggest to management in 3 days upon our arrival at CTI.

    Paul & Debbie
    Loyalists since 1980

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vince&Mary View Post
    If you're there at the same time as crabracer, you could have a good time playing "toss the squid"! They bring a collection of pool toys to play with.

    You could also feel free to bring some games of your own when you visit. The island crowd is friendly enough that someone will join in...
    We have fun with it when we are there usually the same time as Rich and Syl. This year it was crowns, jingly sarongs and logo temporary tattooes. We make our own fun and encourage others to do the same. I am looking forward to bringing more tiaras, jingly sarongs, and tattooes in April. Usually we have a silly hat day thanks to crabracers. Sometimes a scavenger hunt, crabracing....

    I wanted to add:
    No one wishes to intrude on the people who want privacy and we keep the games and silliness to the pool area.

    HI Vince! *waves*

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    Thanks Vince and Mary. It's true that we bring toys to play with. Kites to fly. Scanenger hunts. Be creative. think of something that you would like to do and then bring it. We've done body painting, crab races, from where I took my island persona. If you think that it will be fun for you to do, chances are, there will be others that will enjoy it as well.
    The bowling alley in the basement has been undergoing some renovations, so that may not be open. The observatory on the fourth floor may be finished and the views are spectacular. how about a game of touch football? That could be interesting. Then of course, there is always "cheek darts". You will have to ask someone about that one. But bring a quarter just in case.


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    Well I just received information about the renovations going on for the bowling alley in the basement. The repairs are taking longer than they expected and will not be ready by April. Also, the elevator is now in need of some repair work too. Looks like I can leave my bowling ball and shoes home. To bad.

    On a brighter note. The off shore stables have been cleaned up and will, I repeat, will be ready by the time we get there. The stables are located just off the eastern corner of the island and with the new island transport, the short ride will be no problem. Now. Should I pack my own saddle or use one of theirs? I'll have to think on that.

    If there is any more news concerning island activities, I will post it as soon as possible.

    See you all on April 12.

    93 and going down.


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    Default games not required..but

    last year when we were there in March, we met a lot of great people and had a blast on the island...without scheduled games/events....but just thought a" couple" scheduled event or game would make the day even better.

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    ok, am I missing something here? from photos and youtube videos, the island doesn't look that big. how is there a bowling alley and stables? and why isn't that advertised?

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    Quote Originally Posted by madtown mom View Post
    ok, am I missing something here? from photos and youtube videos, the island doesn't look that big. how is there a bowling alley and stables? and why isn't that advertised?
    Well....the bowling alley is just off the grand ball room. However, you do need to take the Elevator in the Tower to access it.

    Richie I have been waiting forever for the stables to finally get finished!! Thank you so much for the update! So does this mean its cowboy hats and spurs for silly hat day? Obviously no chaps...might need to re-think the spurs too.

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    They always try to keep that a secret. Instead of full size lanes, they have only half size ones. And instead of useing full size balls, they have large marbles and only five pins. And you are right. The island is not that big, but horses are very small. The stable is a marvel of engineering.


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    We try to keep it low key "Madtown MOM", we wouldn't want the clothed people to find out

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    oh man, wish you were going to be there when we were! my sides ache from laughter!

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    You will find laughter and enjoyment where ever you go at a Couples resort. You will meet people and after a very short time, it will feel as though you all have been friends forever. Some of the couples that we met 15 years ago, are still friends today. Some of us plan our visits so that we can be together each year. It's like grown up camp. You see the same "kids", the same councilors, the staff, and you will enjoy food and drink each time you go.

    If you really want to be there at the same time as us and our little group known as the "April Amigos", we all will be at CTI from around the 12 of April through the 24. We also go in November.

    If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask. You can also reach us at


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    I can see that I'm going to like you

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    OK Richie, I now have an urge to make up and bring along a little mini bowling set for out on the Isle next year, just so I can say I went bowling on the Isle!

    Hmm, maybe a nice wood sphere, make the pins up out of wooden dowels. No, wait, better idea! I could go all Gilligans Isle and use a coconut! Just get a coconut water (is that what those are? Didn't have one, but saw several people with them) with breakfast, take the husk out to the Isle, maybe see if the barkeep would be OK with using a couple (dirty) glasses for pins...

    Nude Isle bowling!
    The first tournament will be held May 2013, and the losing bowler has to get dressed and leave the Isle (of course they can then come right back, no sense in being mean...) Or the loser has to buy a round of drinks for the winner! Only the best naked coconut bowlers (at least in their own minds) will be there! Maybe I can get my wife to officiate (then I might even win!)

    What do you think, will it work?

    Next CTI trip in May 2013!
    499 days
    14 hours
    51 minutes
    20 seconds
    to go!

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    I think that's a great idea for the first ever TI bowling league. I'm sorry that we'll miss you. But you could be starting a whole new craze. Go for it.


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    we are truly looking forward to taking our couples experience to the next level and make some friends like i have read many on this board have done. as i have said in other posts, this will be my 4 trip to couples, but the first to cti, which seems to have a great group of devoted characters. april is not an option, unless we win the december photo contest,
    can't wait...cti is really calling to us!

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    Jenn, I know that you will love CTI. And almost all the friends that we have made over the years were people that we spent days with out on TI. Must be something about being naked. Did I mention that we will be there in November too. Just saying.......

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    Richie, i wish going two times a year was an option. i'm always jealous of those who can, but grateful that we can make it once. we are in our thirties with a five year old and hopefully one more someday soon. this will be our last couples trip for a bit, but trying to convince the hubby to return for my 40th birthday.
    perhaps one day when our kids are living on their own we will be able to frequent couples in the way i would like. think randymon will help me set up a retirement love away plan?

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    Hey Mona & Rob,

    Sorry I haven't responded quicker, haven't been checking in that often. We're still looking at a return in November.

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    Default Island Jousting?

    A few questions...
    Is anyone interested in jousting on the island? Would there be an exception for wearing a suit of armor, or is this really hardcore jousting? Do they sell jousting insurance, or is that covered on my travel insurance? Also, do I have to tip the driver from the airport to CTI for my horse tansfer, as he does NOT have any luggage?
    Just wondering....


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    They have done away with suits of armor for jousting matches. They tended to rust and made it difficult to maintain. At one point they were selling "jousting protection" for your personal jousting tool, however they were having difficulty in keeping all sizes in stock. They suggested bringing person protection from home.

    Sorry to say that current homeowners policies have no coverage for such games. It is in keeping with the "no coverage" policy in effect on the island.

    As to tipping your driver from the airport, we leave that issue completely between the driver and his occupants. It would seem to me, a casual observer, where their was no luggage involved, no tip would be necessary. However, if your horse was wearing shoes, as they usually do, that could be considered "luggage", at least for the horse. At this point, it remains an unsaddled question.

    I hope this helps.

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    I love reading your answers Crabracer!!! They always make me smile.

    thanks! Maybe one day we will be at CTI at this same time and we will get to meet the famous "Crabracer"

    165 days to go........

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