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    Default Hoping for advice. CTI or CSA, May 20-27 2012

    My girlfriend and I are finding ourselves unable to make a decision on which resort to visit. We have been to Negril before and had a great time and just aren't bale to decide between the two. For every good thing for one, there appears a counterpoint at the other. What were your favorites points about each?

    We aren't into AN as I happen to be a very white red headed Irish guy leaving me preferring the shade most times and rocking sun proof shirts most times. Aside from that we're pretty adaptable. What were your senses of each resort as far as younger, older, more nightlife focused, more private, more party like or anything. All input is greatly appreciated.


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    Hi BigRed,
    Our first trip to Couples was to CTI back when it was called Couples Ocho Rios before the renovation. We loved the Couples atmosphere and so we wanted to try CSA for the awesome stretch of Seven Mile Beach. CTI's beach is very small and long walks aren't possible. In order to decide you need to prioritize your likes and dislikes. First of all CTI has a hotel feel and CSA has a spreadout rural condo feel to it. If you enjoy hitting the lobby and being a few steps away from your restaurants then CTI is for you. If you enjoy walking out of your room, onto beautiful garden paths and stroll hand in hand to your restaurant or activities then CSA is for you. In addition at CSA you can get a room, if you're lucky, on the ground floor and walk right out of your verandah onto the paths. We loved getting our early morning room service tray delivered on the verandah and easing into the day's events. CTI did have a great group of people that organized activities so they made you feel more involved in things. CSA is more laid back as far as activities go. If you want to meet other couples at CSA you can always hangout at the swim-up bar and the two hot tubes around it. If you are into going to the gym then CSA has the best facilities that I've ever been to while on vacation. Both resorts have wonderful staffs and great food but as you can see we love CSA and are planning our third trip this coming December. You can't go wrong with either resort and have fun deciding because for me planning our trips is a lot of fun in itself. Enjoy your time in Paradise!

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    My husband & I got married last May at CSA & loved it. It was a nice mix, more private, but at night if you are looking for fun you can go to the piano bar & then Aura Night club. But there are times when you can get away & seems like there aren't alot of people there even when there is. We loved it. There were couples in there mid 20s to a few in there 60s. Either way you will love it, but if you are looking for a little of both & them to meet your every need to us CSA is the only place to be We will be there again at CSA May 17-25

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    First, if you want CSA, it will sell out. Soon. I am sure only GVS cat is available (which I love, but I know others want closer to beach). May is VERY popular.

    With that out of the way, I have not been to TI, I have been to CSA last May and returning May 2012. To sum up why we love CSA enough to not try others:

    1. First resort we have ever been to that we want to return and not try other places

    2. You can be as quiet, relaxed, romantic as you want to be...or loud, party, be active. It has it all.

    3. Best food and drink at any AI I have ever been to.

    4. Staff...outstanding service plus we really enjoy getting to know them.

    5. And this is most beach ever. I've been to tons and no other beach is as nice. I think it would be difficult to find someone on this board that would tell you TI has better beach.

    Good luck, either way you can't go wrong

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    Are you guys pool people or beach people? The pool at CTI is better than the small pools at CSA but the beach at CSA make CTI's look like a sandbox (no offence so no letters please) as most beaches on the north shore of Jamaica are man made while the Seven Mile Beach on the west coast is natural. Sunsets are out of this world! As there are more palm trees along the CSA beach than umbrellas at the CTI pool I would recommend CSA if you are fair skinned and wanting to avoid the sun most of the day. CSA is also very spread out so you never feel like it is crowded even when the resort is sold out. There is evening entertainment at each of these resorts with bands , piano bars, and late night disco/nightclubs. More restaurants for food choices and bars are available at CSA. I am actually on my way back to CSA next month for the third year in a row. You can't go wrong at Couples Swept Away.

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    My hubby and I along with 4 others will be at CSA in late May! So, hopefully we'll see you there...but as rachlm927 stated...the rooms are selling fast for that I booked in November of last year and they only had 3 categories left at that time...I could only imagine what they have left now.

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    CTI and CSA are way different. The beach is endless at CSA and small at CTI. CTI is smaller and more hotel like and CSA is like a small village. It is big with nice paths and great foliage. More bar and restaurant choices at CSA. We prefer CSA because it's beautiful and spread out and you can walk the beach forever. Also, they have the most beautiful sunsets at CSA. Good luck deciding. Just keep reading reviews, looking at pictures and prioritizing. If one of them keeps jumping out at you, then that is the one to pick. Let us know what you decide.

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    Everyone has their favorites on here and I'm no different...CTI is mine. From the moment you walk in, you feel at home. My husband and I got married thier 7 years ago and looking back, I wouldn't have changed a thing. Anything and everything we asked for was met with "no problem, mon". The resort has a hollywood feel and more history. The island of course is our favorite...and it does have shade. And I wasn't into AN either until we got there. I will go The resturants are great, along with the beach party..not to be missed. It doesn't have the long beach, but it has a very private beach. Even the other guest are wonderful. We meet our bestman and maid of honor at the resort and are still friends today.

    You can't go wrong with couples...CTI or CSA or CSS or C N

    168 days to go till we're home!

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    I think everyone falls in love with whichever resort they visit first and tend to use that as the measuring bar for others. We were married at CSS and found it to be very romantic and intimate. We returned two other times. We have also been to CSA several times as well and love what it has to offer but there is always that first time love for your first time Couples. You can never go wrong and if life is fair and just you will be back to try the other Couples many more times in the future. We all count down the days to come home to Couples each year.

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    Just back from CSA, and really (REALLY) enjoyed the sports and tennis program there, plus the fantastic beach as others have mentioned. If sports activities are of interest, with instruction included, then I'd suggest CSA as that's it's speciality. Enjoy!!

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