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    Anyone ever take a cycling class at CSA?? Just wondered what you thought of it.
    Mary & Mitch

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    I'm a cycling instuctor back in the U.S. and have taken a few cycling classes at CSA and thought the instuctors were good . I reccomend taking the morning class, it's a great way to get the day started.

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    I take an occasional cycle class here at home at a Gold's Gym and took one at CSA this past December. I tried to take another class but all the cycles were taken, so make sure you get there early enough to get a bike. The instructors are industry certified so they know what they're doing. They are not Couples employees and are travellers just like you. Our instructor was very good. Oh and make sure that you grab a towel at the front desk at the sports complex and a bottle of water from your room because you're going to sweat...alot! Enjoy!

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    Hi, I'm just back from CSA. I didn't make spin classes as they conflicted with tennis, but others who did said they were very good/challenging. Spoke to one visiting instructor who was qualified with the Les Mills "RPM" program (which is an excellent course). She couldn't run a formal RPM-branded class at CSA, as they aren't a certified gym in the Les Mills program, but still that experience carries forward. Just giving you an idea of the sort of qualifications the visiting instructors have. BTW, the juice bar at the fitness centre has nice cold bottled water so just ask. No need to carry it over from your room.

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    The young kid who was tending the juice bar at the sports complex told us that he could only give us water in plastic cups or he'd get into trouble. My buddies and I were playing racquet ball and were dying of thirst and didn't want smoothies at the time. We ended up getting a few cups of water and a smoothie, then going back to the court to finish up our games. Oh by the way, the guava smoothies are awesome. Every time after that we made a point of bringing our own bottles of water over there. I'm glad to hear that they may have resolved that issue.

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