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    I have a regular type cell phone- not a smart phone- with service through AT and T. When we were in Jamaica this last time, I turned my cell phone on, and noticed that I was getting reception through the Jamaican cell phone provider, Digicel. I did not use my phone while in Jamaica because I was concerned about the possible high charges in doing so. I would like to hear from people who have used their cell phone in Jamaica, and what the charges were for doing so. Did it cost a lot?

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    I believe AT&T is $1.50 a mintue And if you sign up for the plan ( $5 a month can cancle at any time) its drops down to $1.30. You would have to talk for over 30min for it to pay for itself. If you really need to call home get a calling card. Not sure what txting would cost.

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    We called ATT before we traveled last, and they told us that it wouldnt be any extra to text as long as there was service. We did not call home but sent a text from time to time. However, when we got home, we had an extra $5.00 on our bill...We sent 10 messages and they were 0.50 each.....I thought about complaining, but forgot...I didnt think it was that big of a deal with all else things considered. Just perterved me some that I was told it wouldnt cost since we had unlimited texts and I called and they opened it for International travel. Whatever....I have heard though (thru the MB) that you may want to turn your smart phone wifi, signal searching, roaming, etc...OFF because of charges. The best suggestion I read was to either shut it off, or to put it on airplane mode....Dont know for sure, but Im sure Ill find out in June.

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    We have AT&T too, smart phones... while in Jamaica, we kept the data roaming OFF to avoid any roaming charges and only used it when wi-fi was available. AT&T has a program that costs $10.00 for 50 incoming/outgoing texts. If we need to call home, we do so from the room... charges are only $.99 per min, much cheaper than any cell phone company!

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