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    Default Advice please! CTI or CN?

    We are getting ready to book a Couples Resort vacation and we can't decide between these two locations. I am in my early twenties and my husband is in his late twenties. Our most recent vacation before this was the a resort in Punta Cana DR last October. We LOVED this resort, it had beautiful rooms,views,and grounds. We are a little worried that these resorts might be a let down. What I would like to know is which locations best meet our needs....

    -Which location has the best golf course and what are the courses like?
    -Which location has the best rooms and what are the rooms like?
    -Which location has the best grounds?
    -Which resort has the best food?
    -Which do you think is the best geared to our age group???
    -Best included excursions?(Already have done the Falls and were not big fans of it)

    Any help for answers to any of these questions would be much appreciated Also we are going in September which we know is prime time hurricane season, but would love to hear how others feel about this time of year in Jamaica.

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    We were married at CN in '07 and loved it. I was 32 at the time, hubby was 35. Went to CTI in '10 and will be going back to CN in 15 days.

    CN was more layed back but not as modern as CTI.
    The rooms at CN were a little more run down but had more of a tropical feel. Although, we did stay in one of the older buildings at CN, it had an old time charm... CTI had more of a hotel feel to it that we didn't care for as much. It was much newer and cleaner though.

    We honestly thought the food was better in CTI but also felt that the service was not as good as CN.

    CTI was a little more of a party atmosphere probably because of the island... If you are looking to mingle with other people, CTI might be a younger crowd.

    My husband went golfing while at CN and absolutely loved it. Unfortuanately he did not go while at CTI so I don't have anything for comparison there. We went horseback riding and Dunns River Falls and were not impressed with either... I've heard YS Falls is better, not sure. I'm interested in the Love Bus tour, maybe Pelican Bar. idk

    Best grounds, CN. So lush and tropical. CTI does NOT have that. It's very close to the ocean which doesn't leave much for foilage. The beach is small and no where to roam. CN has a beautiful beach and you can walk forever. We were married in the gardens at CN, so beautiful.

    CN pool bar is better. Cannot wait to get back there!

    Obviously, we are partial to CN but MANY people love CTI. Let me know if you have any other questions. Maybe since we were married in CN, we have some euphoria instilled in our brains! I can give you an update when we return in April!
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    Hi ngwh and welcome to the Couples family,
    You're dealing with every first timer's dilemma. We've been to CTI but haven't been to CN. We have been to CSA which is the sister resort to CN in Negril so hopefully my comparisons are valid and don't cloud your decision any more than it is now.
    First: The better golf course is at CTI. It's the "S--dal's" golf course and is a traditional layout. The CN course is Negril Hills GC and it's appropriately named. You always seem to be walking up or down a fairly steep hill. I've played both courses and enjoyed walking the them with the caddies which I highly recommend. If you ride a cart you'll miss getting to know your caddie better and if the course isn't busy you'll get done way before the van arrives to take you back to the resort. You can always take a taxi back but why spend the extra money if you don't have to.
    Second: You'll find the most up to date rooms with great views of the ocean at CTI. The resort was renovated several years ago and it's in great shape with new sections. It's very much like a standard hotel though. We prefer the more rustic buildings and rooms at CSA and the rooms at CN appear to be somewhere between the two styles.
    Third: The grounds at CN will be nicer because most of the buildings are set back from the beach whereas CTI is more of a hotel on the beach.
    Fourth: All the Couples resorts have good food so as far as I'm concerned it's a toss-up question.
    Fifth: My daughter and son in law, aged in their late 20s, had their honeymoon at CTI and had a great time. At CN the pool is the center of the action and I think no matter how old you are you can have a good time there. The only resort that I know of with a club atmosphere is CSA which has the Aura Lounge that has bands or DJs performing late into the night. The lounge gets a lot of action with the younger crowd who are usually there attending a destination wedding.
    Sixth: The best excursions at CTI are the Dunns River Falls of which you weren't fans and the horseback riding which my wife enjoyed. The best at CN will be the catamaran cruise down to Rick's Cafe, where you don't dock, but you do get to swim into a cool cave. At CTI the cat cruise only took us out into the ocean a while and then back to a cove to swim.
    Sorry if I'm going to throw a monkey wrench into your decision process but I think CSA would suit you two. They have the swim up bar where a lot of younger people hang out. They have the Aura Lounge that entertains some evenings late into the night. They have beautiful grounds that you walk through to get from one end of the resort to the other depending on which restaurant you'll be dining at. Also if you enjoy working out the CSA sports complex is the best with travelling exercise, yoga and tennis instructors and it's all free.
    I hope this helps and you have an awesome time in Paradise!

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