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    Default CTI Room allocation

    We are looking forward to returning to CTI for our third viist NEXT MONTH!!

    Each time we have gone for a slightly better room. Started with a Garden View and then had a Superior Ocean room with a nice view of the sea through some beautiful palm trees. This year we are going for the Deluxe Ocean room with uninterrupted views over the sea. Can't wait!!

    Here's the question. Does anyone know which block we are likely to be in? We would prefer the block above the swim-up bar pool, but I think there may be some rooms above the other pool at the Bayside end. Can we express a preference? Will the rooms at the Bayside end be as nice or are they noisier?

    Any comments/suggestions/info woudl be welcome!


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    We stayed in the Ocean Jr Suite last March which was 2nd floor corner above the fitness center. We loved it, we sat and listened to the nightly entertainment from our balcony. The evening is the only time it was noisy but it ends early enough that it didn't bother us at all. The Jr suites are super nice, we had a lounger on the balcony & table w/chairs. Nice living room area with a huge jacuzzi tub! I think there are only 4 Jr stes on the New side in the corner on 2nd & 3rd floors, not sure if the rest is deluxe ocean....? Our 2nd floor view was partially blocked by some palm trees but still gorgeous view of the island & main pool.

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    Probably the main building which is block 3.

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    I believe those rooms are in buildings 1 & 4. We stayed in building 1 our first trip & loved it. We stayed in building 4 our 2 nd trip & loved it. Enjoy!

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