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    Default flying montego bay to CSA questions

    if you take the flight from mbj to csa, can you arrange at mbj? also, how do you get from landing the little plane to csa - walk, taxi? is it very far?
    25 days to csa. we can barely wait. this is our first time to csa, 5th time to couples. PLUS only 97 days to CN (2nd time) and 460 days to CN for NEXT year. how lucky can you get.
    oh, one more thing. what would be the best restaurant for my
    50th bday? love all food (not sushi though) especially asian and spicey.
    thanks for info, in advance.
    kurt and laura (iowa)
    css(06),cor(07),cn(07),css(08),csa(09),cn(09),cn(1 0)

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    You can arrange for the TimAir flight after landing. The disadvantage, however, is that there might not be a plane or pilot available, and you'd have to wait. If you schedule a flight in advance, your flight to Negril will be planned and on the TimAir schedule. We just returned from CSS two days ago; it's the low season, and our flight was immediately ready. You don't pay until right before the flight, so you could always change your mind.

    When you land in Negril, there will be several drivers available for hire to take you to the resort. You could have the pilot call CSA, but then you'd be waiting around for a particular driver, and you'd still have to tip him, so there really isn't a cost advantage.

    CN is closer to the landing strip than is CSA; it's actually right across the street. We stayed at CSA in July 2008, and although I don't recall the exact drive time, it couldn't have been more than 10 or 15 minutes.

    As for your last question, if you like Asian food, make a reservation at Lemongrass for your birthday dinner. Have a great trip.
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    Well, if you've been to CN, you know where the aerodrome is... right across the street. To get to SweptAway, you should contact the resort when you arrive, or you can hire a cab at the airstrip... there's usually one available. Its about 4km to SweptAway from the airstrip.

    You really should arrange the flight ahead of time. I've been hustled by TimAir reps hawking flights in the hallway between customs and the Couples lounge... ok, perhaps hustled is too strong a word, but they were trying to drum up business. But you should not count on having an empty bird ready to hire on a walkup basis. Go to for more info.

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    Thank you.
    I have emailed timair for a quote. I thought my husband would enjoy the flight (for me it will mean one more xanax) and since this is a short trip (4 days) thought it would be nice to get to the resort quicker! 24 days to go!

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